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Nov 26, 2001
I've visited Fracstats and gone through EJAs website. Now I'd like to hear from recent new hires in the past year. I know starting is ~$27K. All the pubs say most are getting $40K their first year (w/per diem). All you newhires, is this working out about right or are you getting more or less?

I interview in a couple of weeks and I'm just crunching some numbers. It will be a pay cut first year or so and I'm trying to see what the "real" earnings have been.

Thanks to all in advance!

Fly safe,

F/O pay

If memory serves me correctly, I made about 35K my first year
at EJA (1997) as an F/O in the Ultra. I worked a little extra time,
but not too much. If you are in this for the money, the two hardest
working aircraft are the Citation X, and the V Ultra. Both of those a/c
crews can often extend and work extra days if desired. There are
lots of variables....east coast crews can work more than west coast,
and PICs usually have an easier time extending when they wish.
Another bonus in both of those two planes is that the upgrades
come very rapidly. However, many X and V pics bid out of their
aircraft asap due to the "hammer" schedule. I left the Ultra, and
went to the Citation VII for exactly that reason.
I'm a new hire at EJA going to the X.... haven't started yet.... so what exactly is a " Hammer" schedule? Thanks.
Thanks for the info. I'd like to work some extra just to offset the loss in pay the first year. Obviously rapid upgrades make things a lot easier, especially if the new contract is as good as everyone hopes for.

Interviewing soon. Hope to see y'all on the line.


The Hammer...

C10 said:
I'm a new hire at EJA going to the X.... haven't started yet.... so what exactly is a " Hammer" schedule? Thanks.

Show at 0400, fly 6 legs, ten hours of flight time, 14 hour duty day.

Do it 6 days in a row and you're "hammered". Or try this.....
common in the X: TEB to LAX to TEB to IAD.... all in one day!

Talk about jet lag....the X's speed can be a real duty enemy.

Most days are pretty sane, but the holiday season can kick your
tail pretty quickly.

I'm not trying to scare you. This is a great company. But the X and
Ultra are slave-drivers.
:cool: thats about right with a few extended days per month and per-diem. hopefully with the new contract it will be much better where it should be.
I made about 35K (not with per diem) my first year with EJA as an FO. As a second year Captain I am on track to make about 44k. I picked up about 6k in overtime this year without really trying. However, picking up overtime has been alot harder to do for some reason. I am not sure why, considering the company is complaining that they don't have enough Ultra PIC's to cover all the trips.
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I would not say the X is the "hammer" plane. Yes you will fly alot in this plane. However unlike the ultra the "norm" is 2 or 3 legs either coast to coast then a postion leg for the next day. NOW the ultra is the step child, those guys work 14 hour days 6 legs no thanks!! I know your going to like the X. Its a great plane to fly. We go all over including Hawaii and Europe. Good luck!:)
Just curious, I think I know what the Ultra's and X's do now, but what kind of schedule do the Excels fly. Long trips, short trips, etc. Thanks in advance.

The Excel

TR328, according to our sales group, the Excel is one of the hottest
selling planes we have on line right now. Rumor has it that the Excel
is sold completely out through the rest of 2002.
The Excel and Ultra numbers are very similar in range, burn, altitude,
and runway requirements. Figure on lots of short to medium range trips.
Because it is a medium sized cabin, the VII and Excel often cover each other's
runs. (Naturally, the Excel can do shorter runways with the straight wing.)
I have quite a few old Ultra buds who have slid over into the Excel.....every
one of them love the airplane....roomy, easy to fly, logical cockpit, and an
APU as well. Sounds like a nice piece of equipment.

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