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EJA Letter

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Dec 1, 2001
How many have received the EJA Letter? Part of it says "We will contact you when we have an interview date available." My letter was dated Nov. 28 and not a peep. Has anybody actually gotten an interview after receiving this letter? Thanks folks.
Same letter

Same letter around the same date. A buddy of mine makes at least three that we know of. No other contact from them since the letter.

Good luck,

I got the same letter about 2 weeks ago. I'm sorry you guys haven't heard anything yet and even more sorry to learn that it'll be that much longer for me to hear anything! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!

Seems like EJA is going the way of most others you have to know somebody. I have some buds with similar resumes and they got the letter also. Keep networking and if you have that friend of a friend call him and get him/her to put in a good word for you.


I got lucky and got the call on Thursday. Interviewing in STL on Jan. 24 and 25. I had my app in almost 3 months and have one letter of rec. Took the psyc, math and vocabulary test on the internet and have no idea if I passed. Anybody who has any info on the process I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
EJA Process


The internet test is a real humbling experience. If I knew before hand I would have invited ten of my buddies over to figure out what pernicious meant.

About the process. You will receive a package about ten days prior to your interview. It contians the approach plate and class b airspace and very basic checklists. Additionally you have a number to set up your travel plans. Tickets and a two night hotel stay is all worked out throught EJA. Other than that i will let you know after the 17th of this month. Make sure you make an attempt to get on aviationinterviews for the latest.

Good luck,

Your right about the internet test, I was told it shouldn't take more than an hour, it took me almost two. Never did here how I did, but I did get my packet. Will see you in ATL.

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