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EJA letter question

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I received the letter from EJA in mid December. The letter that states that I have an interview but no date yet. Has anyone got the letter about the same time and got an interview date?
Hey guys, I'm a pilot at EJA and just spoke to Dorinda about a friend of mine, who is trying to get in here. She said that if they got the postcard they will be interviewed. They do not send the post card out if they don't want you. Just gather up a little patients and sit in the holding pattern a bit longer. They are swamped right now and preparing month to month for the interview process. Also if you know anyone here get a letter of Recomandation from them. That might speed up the process a little bit. If you don't know anyone just wait because they will call.
Good luck
I broke down and called EJA today. She said I will have to wait at least another month before I get an interview date.
There is hope after all.
Hey everybody, I have a question.

I have an Employment package from them that I recieved about a year ago, application the whole 17 page deal. If I send it on in now will it be processed as a current app and put me in the lineup?

Hey Falcondriver,
Do you have the name of the lady or the phone number of the person you spoke with? ...when did you submit your application?
Does anyone know about how long it takes to get "the card" after they receive your application? They should have received my app Feb 1. Thanks for the help. This is a great website.
I broke down yesterday and left a voice message following up on the letter I got in Dec. about future interview dates. Wasn't expecting a call back, but was quite surprised by a phone call this morning. She said the earliest I can expect an interview is May. They're working through the apps they received in Oct & Nov now and there's a lot of them. Not the greatest news in the world but it's sure a lot better than not knowing where you stand. I guess now I can procrastinate a little longer before studying up on regs. & other fun interview prep! ;)

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