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Eja Ioe

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Nov 26, 2001
Just curious. Somewhere on this board someone mentioned waiting 5 weeks to complete their IOE for EJA. Are you required to sit in gateway while waiting? Isn't this at your own expense other than you're regular pay? Also, what is the average time in reserve (bullpen??)?

Thanks for your thoughts. Hope to join you soon.


I just finished my EJA Checkride after the Sim Type and I am awaiting IOE. It depends which aircraft program you are in as to how long you will wait. I am in the Hawker Program and expect to wait between 2 to 3 weeks to start IOE and then once I start it is all dependant as to when an IOE CPT is available to fly a trip with me.
If you live at your gateway then no sweat-you still get paid and you do not incur any expenses for a crashpad.
If not-then it could be frustrating.
Great company and getting better-don't give up.

Fly Safe
I did my IOE right after upgrading to Captain. However, I know people who are senior than me who are still waiting to finish thier IOE and it has been 5 months since they have taken thier upgrade check-ride!:confused: I am not sure what is going on with the training department. They say it's a lack of IOE Captains. If this is the case, then I don't understand why we haven't seen more IOE Captain bids in the last few months. Once again, I am failing to see the big picture!
I was the one who has been waiting five weeks for the IOE. Like the other poster said, if you live at your gateway, then its not a big deal, you dont really have any addtional expenses....and you are being paid.

The down side is that i have not flown in a long time, and that I am also not collecting any per diem which is more $$$. I think that the reason is that depending on where you are based and the availability of an IOE captain you might wait a week, aor you might wait several months:mad:

There are even some people junior to me that were called for IOE a week after they finished the sim. I guess it is just a waiting game. But I am definitely glad to be at EJA!

Hey sin who do you know upstairs to get ioe done.

For FO i waited 4 months till I did ioe.

When I upgraded to Capt. I waited 4 months to do ioe all that time too.

Eh it doesn't matter it's free money to sit on my ass.

Once I JetII found me (yeah right) i was off to do IOE.

If I know someone up stairs, then it's news to me! I would have loved to sit in the pen for a month or two. I live at my gateway, so that would not be a factor. The idea of staying home with my kids and getting paid for it would have been a blessing.
The reason I upgraded so fast was because the company was flying my tail off as an FO, so I figured I should just make the switch to the left seat. I couldn't even hold the 7 & 7 in the right seat because so many senior FO's weren't taking the upgrade. If I hadn't upgraded when I did, the company would have made me upgrade anyway the following month. Since I got off IOE in less than three tours, I haven't been able to hold the 7 & 7 as a SIC like most junior Captains that I know. Heck, I am now flying with FO's who have just been released off IOE and I know Captains who are senior than me who are still trying to get off IOE themselves. So who knows what is going on upstairs.:confused:

The company put out a page requesting for Captains to extend on the 3rd. I called and asked to stay out until then and they said no problem. They still airlined me home on the 2nd. On top of that, I had flown with another high time Captain that tour. I also knew of atleast two other crews that were teamed up as Captains.:confused: Am I missing something here?
I called to ask why I had been crewed up with another Captain since we were in need of Captains that week, they said they had no FO's in the pen!

It's a great company, I just don't know why they do the things they do sometimes.:rolleyes:
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