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EJA interview timing question

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Fly Safe!
Mar 18, 2002
Hi guys. This is my first post. I have an interview coming up with EJA, but Im not sure when it's going to be scheduled. Here's my deal. I submitted the application to them on SEP 17, 2001. On DEC 5, 2001 I got a letter saying that I was qualified and could expect to be interviewed. Today is March 18th. Is this a normal amount of time of wait for an interview? Don't get me wrong, because I don't mind the wait. I just want to make sure that I haven't fallen through the cracks somehow.
There must be somebody that understands the process that can shed a little light for me. Thanks.
In the same boat....


Hey upallnight, I'm in the same spot. My letter was dated 6 days after yours, Dec. 11th. I haven't heard a thing and I'm not expecting too either. The wait seems to be getting longer not shorter. I can't figure their system out. I've heard some guys sending in their app., receiving the approval letter, and getting their interview all in the span of a couple weeks while the rest of us just sit here for months on end, it makes no sense. Oh well, if they wanted me to work there they'd call I guess. The drive-through at Taco Bell isn't all that bad I guess. Good luck.

Capt. Over

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