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EJA gateway cities?

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Dec 28, 2001
Hi everyone,

I'm curious about how the EJA gateway cities work. For example, I live near APA. If one was to fly for EJA, do you get to pick your gateway city or is there a bid for them? Do all your trips start and stop there? Are the gateways aircraft specific...meaning only certain types in the fleet are assigned to certain gateways? How junior or senior is APA?

Thanks for your replys and info!
EJA Gateways

As of right now, gateways are pilot's choice. There is no senority involved,
you pick the Gateway you wish to use, and you have it. You can also change
Gateways at any time as long as you give the company a 30 day advance
Typically, you will either airline out from your Gateway, or pick up an aircraft
there. You may also limo from your Gateway at company expense. Gateways
are not aircraft specific, but certain Gateways also double as MX bases, so
the odds of flying one out of there are higher than others. (For example,
MCO, & CMH) In addition, because of the mx angle, pilots using those
Gateways have a higher rate of early tour starts than other Gateways.
The planes come out of inspection, and the company wants them flying asap,
so "presto", you have a 0400am show time.
I had worked at both MCO and CMH as an Ultra Captain, and the amount of
"zero-dark-thirty" shows was very high.
By the way, the further west of Texas you are Gatewayed, the less you
will fly (on average). The east coast pilots are shorter travel time to the
N.E., so they get worked harder. Something to consider if you have a choice
of where to live, and depending on how much you wish to fly.
I'm EJA green as they come, so bear with me.

When you say you can limo from your gateway, what do you mean?

Also, when awaiting IOE, are you just waiting at home for the phone to ring and tell you when to show at your gateway, or do you sit at your gateway while waiting for the phone to ring?

And finally, I've gotten the 2000. Any ideas on how long it takes to complete IOE? I've seen some guys on here talking about it taking up to 5 months to finish. Are you sitting in your gateway during your days on waiting to be paired with an IOE CPT?

I apologize for asking the same question twice.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting started!:D


Sometimes you may have to take a limo from your gateway to a nearby or far away airport to meet your aircraft. Example out of MDW you may take a limo out to DPG or UGN. Company pays for it, your on the clock and in the back. Or they may ask you to take a taxi in which you will be reimbursed for the expense.
whenever on duty (IOE or regular line flying) you must be within 100 miles of your gateway by midnight your first duty day.

if you don't live at your gateway, you'll be spending money on hotels/food/etc. what some guys do is drive to a cheap hotel that is within 100 miles of the gateway and stay there, instead of going all the way to the gateway.

2000 Flyer,

training is really backed up right now. I did my C-650
PIC type 4 months ago, and I'm only half finished with IOE. For a while
the Hawker 800s were so backed up, that some guys had gone 5
months without ever flying the airplane! I understand that the 2000
is running better than most. (EJA is hiring 75-100 pilots a month, and
the training backlog is really taking it's toll.)
They are prioritizing new hires, they know you guys need to get
checked for pay purposes asap.
Thanks to all the replys. Thats what I'm trying to figure out about IOE and being in your gateway. Just trying to figure out since I don't live in a gateway city, what my out-of-pocket is going to be while awaiting IOE.

Sweptwingz, you say in 4 months you're only 1/2 finished with IOE. Does all your time during a tour count towards IOE, or just hands on legs?

I'd like to have this straigt in my mind to know if I have to be in gateway while awaiting IOE and what my expenses are going to look like.

Thanks again to all the replys. Great info!!!


IOE, Part 2

2000 Flyer, I'm fairly sure (but not positive) that all time in the aircraft
is counted towards your IOE total. Also, in regards to Gateways....
you don't have to stay in your Gateway, you only need to be available
on a three hour call up and / or within a 100 miles radius of your
Gateway city during your scheduled duty days. Find a cheap crash pad
or room for rent at 99 miles from the Gateway, and you're sitting easy.
Gateway IOE

Swept, thank again for the info. That clears some of my questions up.


All time in the aircraft counts as your IOE 25 hrs. You will have to complete 10 landings that are all you flying. Also a bunch of approaches and some memory items ect. I was a C560 IOE instructor for a year. Yes, some Fleets are backed up for getting guys though IOE. It is all about luck. I have had some tours where i finished a guys IOE in one tour. Others drag on for months.

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