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EJA Contract Negociations

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Nov 26, 2001
Anyone in the know have any info on the current negociations ongoing at EJA? Rumors as to a vote or ratification date? I had been following on the pilot's website but the last post was 10/28 and now they refer to a secured website for info. Curious if that means they're getting down to the meat of the contract.

Finally, any solid rumors on what the first year FO/CA pay scales are going to look like? I've been hearing rumors that the days of a junior seniority number upgrading and you get CA pay is going bye bye with the new contract.

Thanks in advance. Hoping to join you soon.


I interviewed last Thursday in Long Beach. One of the Captains doing the interviews speculated it would be next summer before they signed a new contract. It was his opinion the "Flex" schedule would go away and the pay would improve. Sorry, no specifics.
Sorry, no meat in the contract yet. We haven't even ordered the appetizer. There has been no release of information about the contract negotiations from the union. They are presently about 30% finished with the "non-economic" issues. Economic issues (ie...pay) will not be negotiated until the non-economic issues (schedule, retirement, work rules, etc) are completed. Any rumors, as to what is being discussed, are just that...rumors.

I will agree with my fellow EJ pilot, that we may not see the first proposal until next summer. Anyone that hears any rumors about the next contract should disregard everything.

Wish I had better news.
Good luck joining the program, see you in TEB :D

EJA Capt

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