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EJA a Major?

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Just wondering if anyone has ran the numbers to see if EJA is a jet/national/major category? What is EJA worth right now? If not hitting the $1 billion mark, iwhen will it happen? They got as many airplanes as Continental or America West....

an airline is considered a major when it reaches 1 billion dollars in REVENUE, i.e. 1 billion in sales. i dont know what they have
You know, I don't know what the exact revenue/sales per year is/are...( I thought it was above 1B) but for what it's worth...EJA will be the Largest Aircraft Operator in the world in about 2-3 years. (ie..total number of aircraft operated by one company)

that's correct - eja is NOT officially an airline. however, it is run much like one - we just don't go back and forth to a hub all day.

as for size, several years ago buffet (berkshire hathaway) purchased us for $725 million - so i'm sure it's well over a billion by now.

also, with over 400 jets, we're bigger than most major airlines. within a couple of years, we'll be bigger than all the major airlines - at least in terms of number of planes. we have over 1400 pilots as of 1/1/02.
It seems pretty cut and dry to me: $1.8 billion in sales, 400 airplanes, 1400 pilots....sounds like a major to me!

Let's see: UPS, FedEx, Alaska, Continental, oldTWA, America West, Airborne Express.....they are majors - but EJA is bigger.

Don't forget that up until a few years ago, commuters were 135 - they are only 121 cause the feds requires them to be. They were considered airlines - albeit Scheduled Part 135. So, EJA is a 'Unscheduled Part 135" with licensed dispatchers and an airline type schedule/work rules and conditions.

If it quacks like a duck....


It would seem quite clear that EJA is a Major based on revenue.

However, so is American Eagle and Comair. Eagle has exceeded 1B for the last 5 years and is now approaching 2B in revunue.

Kinda interesting :eek:
I was just wondering why it makes a difference if EJA is labeled a major or not. It is a fractional company. A good point made is that AE and other regionals have surpassed that "magical" dollar amount of sales, yet are not listed as majors. You know what, they probably never will be. As I believe that EJA never will be listed. This isn't a knock on EJA - they are doing things correctly, selling plenty of shares, hiring, growing, etc., but they never will be put into that category. They are a different aspect of aviation in my eyes. To me, it is comparing apple and oranges when comparing EJA to an airline.
I would have to agree with RVR. But wouldnt that be an intresting twist? If EJA continued to grow, with aircraft such as the BBJ, and started operting scheduled flights to and from key cities. Kind of a super plush airline for owners, their families, employess, etc.....even transporting pilots to and from gateways. It may seem a little farfetched, but add another thousand owners or create a 1/100th of a share of these scheduled flights for the bottom of the upper class traveler(a nice step up above first class). Maybe Avolar will be an overwhelming success, and be the first to bridge that gap somehow.....Ya never know, stranger things have happened. 8 years ago I never thought the fractional thing would work, I stand humbled and corrected.

Oh well, until then.....apples and oranges

(late to bed early to rise makes for mental compromise....I appologize in advance for the silly rambling)

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