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edu grants to finish degree

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
I'm presently flying for a regional airline, and since I'm not going anywhere for a while, I am going to finish up my college degree that I started years ago. I'v been out of college for about 7 years and am about 3/4 completed. I currently have a wife and 2 kids to support on regional f/o wages which can be rather trying. I plan to finish up by way of a distance learning program online and was wondering if anyone knew of any grants availabe for someone in my situation or if obtaining additional student loans were my only option. Thanks for any info!

As always, keep the shiny side up!!!
Student loans

I'd begin by contacting the college in question. Get in touch with its financial aid office. You'll get all the answers you need.

You might be eligible for such things as Sallie Maes (I think that's the term), Pells grants, Stafford loans, etc. You might also contact the department of higher education in your state for help.

Good decison you've made to finish your degree while times are slow. It'll pay you when times pick up. Good luck with school.
I'd say with Regional F/O pay and a kid and wife, you're definitely in line for some grants. Like Bobby said, you need to contact the financial aid office of the shool you want to go to first, as all grants will have to be coordinated through your school. Just out of curiosity, do you have a particular school/program in mind?

Good Luck.
- Unchilled.
I've been checking into a couple of programs brought up on this board actually. Those being Embry-Riddle extended campus and Excelsior. I've heard good and bad of both and guess I'm going to have to apply to both and see who gives me the most credits and how much it's going to take to finish up in both time and money. Thank you very much for your replies and advice, I'll definately make some calls tomorrow and see where I get.

No matter which program you choose, be sure that it is accredited by one of the accrediting bodies recognized by the Department of Education. A degree from an unaccredited school is barely worth the paper on which it is printed. Good luck.

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