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ear health question

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Flying Illini

Hit me Peter!
Mar 9, 2003
I first noticed this about 3 days ago. My left ear sounds like it has water stuck in it but I haven't been in a pool in over a week. Is this what an ear infection sounds like? What about "swimmers ear"? Even though I can hear something in there, it doesn't appear to be affecting my ability to hear other sounds. Does this make sense? It just sounds like there is water stuck waaaaay in there. I can only "hear" it when I swallow or when I move my ear (or the surrounding skin) around.
Any remedies or is this an ear infection that I need to see the Doc about?
it sounds like the beginning of an ear infection......the best thing to do is start drinking boat loads of water (close to a gallon a day), and stop smoking and drinking for a few days...that should clear it up...once it starts becoming painful, you'll need to get some antibiotics......if you can get them now without having to pay the doctor, I'd say go now and get them...can't hurt anything...
great :rolleyes: Not a smoker, haven't had a beer in a few days, I guess I'll up my water intake. And the million dollar question...what effect will flying have on the ear? I'm flying everyday the rest of the week. Should I just turn down the pressurization rate controller or is this a grounding item? (as you can tell, I don't really have any experience with something like this.)
I had exactly what you had a month ago. My ear could hear, but it felt like I had water built up and the sounds were a bit muffled. If you understand the make up of your inner ear, what is happening is the eustacian(spell?) tubes clear the pressure in your ear during flying. When they get inflammed, they do not permit your ears the proper clearing and fluid can get trapped in your ear, hence the feeling of fluid because you actually have fluid in there. This can be a very dangerous situation to fly with because the inability to equalize your inner ear can result in serious damage to your ear along with possible severe pain. If you have to fly because of work, I highly suggest you call in sick until the fluid is gone and your can equalize your ears. You will definitely be able to tell when this happens as the muffled sound will go away and the fluid will drain. If it does not go away after several days, you may choose to see a doctor. Even though the preferred method is to just let the body heal itself, under some circumstances they will prescribe antibiotics. Good luck.
We could try to help you over the internet but it would be the equivalent of what us non-medical types would be able to do to help you if we were there in person.... twist a coat hanger around in your ear.
See the doc!!
Keep in mind its also allergy season again in many areas...clogged sinuses and ears are common!

a doc may prescride antibiotics...another thing that can help is a decongestent like Claritin-D.
If you happened to get water in your ear from a shower then you can take a small amount of rubbing alcohol (you can mix it 50/50 with water) and pour it in your ear. It will break up the surface tension of any water remaining in your ear canal and both the water and alcohol will run out. If it's an inner ear congestion problem that's different.
Believe me, the last thing you want to fly with is an ear problem or sinus problems- you are going to hurt bad coming back down- definitly see a doc, and soon before it becomes a problem! An ear infection on the ground is bad enough, I can't imagine what one would feel like while flying- but I have heard the horror stories...

I have had an eardrum rupture and had several ear infections when I was younger (for some reason, they went away as I got older)...its really bad...

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