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Eagle recall Aug 26? True or False?

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We were told at the last LEC meeting that the company plans on recalling between 60 and 70. Everyone will be coming to SJU. If you were previously an ATR pilot, you have to finish your seat lock. If you weren't an ATR pilot, you get you get a brand new seat lock.

Either way, don't plan on bidding out anytime soon.


I was a FO on the SAAB in Kennedy. I guess I will be getting a brand new seat lock if called back. Do you know the duration? Also, do you know if the 60 or 70 will be in addition to those already recalled? And lastly, do you think that there will be any more furloughs in the future. I would hate to end up moving all the way to SJU just to get furloughed again after the company was done with me.
Re: eagleatr,

As I recall, the seat lock lasts 14 months, and it starts two weeks prior to start of class. I don't think they would add on the remainder of your previous seat lock, but who knows with AMR.

It was my impression that the total number of recalls for right now would be 60 to 70, with everyone going to San Juan. As far as more furloughs in the future, who really knows? They really can't afford to furlough more because we are so short staffed now. I can only speak for San Juan when I say we are losing FO's like crazy. Nobody really knows what's going to happen with the possible sale, the Scope limits, the Scope greivance, and the APA negotiations. Just hold on, it'll be a fun ride!


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