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EA6B or S3B

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Jan 10, 2002
Hey any EA6B or S3 B pilots!
Got any good stories? Do you enjoy flying with a crew? Do any of you that wanted to fly 14's or 18's look back and wish you could?
I was enlisted on the Carl Vinson and miss the sound of the Viking. Will either of these planes do a barrel roll?
just wondering.
You can come to JAX and listen to the S-3's allday long, and the occasional EA6.

I live about 3 miles from NAS JAX and they do the overhead break right over my roof, hey I dont mind.

I miss the A-4's, F-4's, and the A-7's though and the A-6E's.

I have seen the occasional S-3 hot doggin it, and P-3.
Yes, the Prowler will do a barrel roll. I'm not sure about the S-3 but my guess is it probably can.
I have seen footage on the show wings where a pair of S-3's are in formation and the lead rolls inverted and does a split S.

Im sure they are capable of doing alot of manuevers.
S-3 Manuevers

Both a/c (Prowler and Viking) are relatively low G limit airframes but both are quite capable. I don't know much about the Prowler, but they go in low and fast and manuever with attackers.

The only thing an S-3 can't do is a loop. It is prohibited. Barrell roll is a 1 G manuever. The Split S and Immelman require a few G's but the pitch rate is pretty good and gets you around before the speed builds up.

Any other questions let me know.

Prohibited manuevers in the S-3:

Loop (nose heavy)
rolling beyond 360 degrees

I recently read the NavAdmin for the transition plan of S-3 O's.....sorry guys. It sucked when y'all kicked us (SENSO's) out, now you get a little taste of it. Sucks all around.

Re: Re: EA6B or S3B

Patmack18 said:
You can roll anything... the plane dosen't know which way it's pointed as long as you keep 1G on it the entire time and don't over speed anything. Ever seen the footage of Tex Johnson rolling the 707?
Keep the dirty side down!

The tricky part is keeping the airplane in the constraints of that 1-ish G environment. A good barrel roll doesn't come naturally...it takes practice.

FWIW, his name is Tex Johnston (with a "t") and the airplane was the 367-80, the 707 prototype.
The Prowler is a great place to work on your bridge game.

On an earlier post, someone called the EA-6B the "Family Truckster" for a nickname, now thats funny.

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