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Duty Time Limits

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Nov 25, 2001
What year (decade) did each of the following pilot groups negotiate duty time limits more restrictive than the FARs (domestic, two pilot operations).

Airtran -
Delta -
Southwest -
United -
USAiways -

AirTran has a max duty day of 12 hours in our 2001 contract.
Hard to answer for CAL because the question assumes a rule more restrictive than the FAR. Prior to Whitlow ruling, CAL regularly had crews fly beyond 16 hours. Their interpretation was the same as the one for daily flight time--it only had to be "scheduled" to 16 hours. If circumstances warranted, you were legal to go beyond. The Whitlow ruling stopped that insanity.

Now they adjust duty day start times mostly with reserves to try to get around even the 16 hour limit. They'll call an a.m. reserve and "release" them from reserve duty for FAR min crew rest and assign them to a evening pairing or even redeye. So you sleep all night because you're on a.m. reserve then, after a solid night's sleep, they expect to sleep all day to fly all night. If that isn't a violation of the intent of the Whitlow ruling, I don't know what is.
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Maximum Duty Period Report Time
Maximum Duty Period Scheduled / Maximum Actual
10 Hours 12 Hours
12 Hours 14 Hours
13 Hours 15 Hours
12 Hours 14 Hours
11 Hours 13 Hours
9 Hours 11 Hours​

Thanks guys,

I have the numbers I want to know when if first changed.

For instance, if it was 1965 soime of us are dragging the indusry back to 1965.
CAL is the FAR's... that is it

Read the contract. As bad as it is, CALAlpa still has domestic duty time limits that are less than the FAR's (depending on the show time).

I don't know if there is a copy of the "redbook" contract that was in effect at CAL before the '83 strike but it's quite likely that it contained domestic duty time limits more restrictive than the FAR's.

I would be shocked if there is a passenger airline contract in force that is better than what existed at that same airline before deregulation.

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