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Dumb uniform question

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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2002
Do most companies allow you to wear loafers or slip-ons as part of your uniform?

I know it's a dumb question, but I keep hearing about having to take your shoes off in order to go through security and it seems like it would be a royal pain in the butt to have to untie and retie shoes every time you go through a checkpoint.
Though some companies are more... shall we say "anal retentive" than others, most companies don't care what kind of shoes you wear as long as you have a neat appearance.

As for buying shoes that won't hassle you at security, any pair that don't have a metal shank won't alarm the magnetometer. Ask the shoe salesperson... they should know because a metal shank is usually desirable. It makes the show more rigid and durable.

I've found that even if you have metal shoes, you can "compensate" by removing other metal items. The magnetometers read total metal on your person. Anything above a predetermined baseline will trigger an alarm. The key is to get below that baseline. I have metal shoes, but remove ALL other metal... coins, cell phone clip, keys, jacket (metal buttons!), hat, etc. I usually do well with that except at the most oversensitive airports (LEX).
Black Ariat Ropers. Most comfortable flying boots I've ever owned. Going on three years in my current pair and they still look great and are very comfy. Only downside is they set off the metal detector every time so I just put them through the machine to avoid the hassle. I'm not a big fan of public rectal exams, So I make sure I am completely clear of any metal before stepping close to the "security" check point.:)
My company is very specific on shoes, and loafers and the aforementioned roper boots are fine. I use tied on shoes, as I don't like things that aren't attatched well on my feet. I keep finding things like water bottles under the rudder pedals, and I wonder how my shoe would mess up the works if it came off. Just my personal preference. Oh, you can also wear snow boots, as long as they are black shiny leather. Insulated ones are nice in the winter, but they are difficult to untie and will probably beep the metal machine.
I use Justin 3170's. They are great! Some people ask me why I where boots being from California. The answer is they are comfortable, durable, and very utilatarian. Walking through rain, snow or deice fluid is not an event. My feet are always dry and comfy. I never go off when walking through the medal detectors either. They last forever and are good looking, I highly suggest these things. The only draw back is during the summer, they are a little warm. However in a "small jet" on a 2 and a half hour it's no problem.:)
Aviation foot attire

I wore Justins, too. I wore the "Wellington" style, but I believe they were ropers. I wore them because they looked sharp and professional, and I wanted the ankle protection afforded by the uppers. Just in case of a mishap, you want your ankles to be protected.
I agree the justins are hella comfortable too and don't set off the metal detector. Just that leather sole gets mighty slick at times. My posterior is still sore from both feet flying out from under me "Looney Toon" style while traversing some de-ice fluid.:)

Ya know you can have rubber soles put on those puppies for about $30.00.

It's the way to go!

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