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Dtw mem commute?

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Sucked hard back in '99-02. You had a chance if one of the wingtip flights in the early afternoon bank in MEM was a 727. Too many NW FA's. Jumpseat never vacant. It got good for awhile when they were repositioning a DC-10 to do the AMS evening flight out of MEM. I usually found the 2245L out of DTW and the 0630L out of MEM to have the lightest loads. Shocking, I know. How any of this is relevant to you today....I have no idea.
Thanks for letting me re-live some great times. Best wishes and good luck!!!
i dont mean to be the bearer of bad news but this is one of the worst commutes there is. Right now there is 4 DC9's with an airbus here or there and every flight is always full
I'd have to second that commuting as sucking. I keep getting stuck deadheading back and forth. My seat assignment is almost always between two fat bitches that haven't showered. I swear the agents are out to get me sometimes.
i have to agree. I'm based in mem and have done a lot of dead heading between DTW and MEM not to mention fly the route on a regular basis. Typically there are a bunch on positive space dead headers and the loads are typically high. Combine that with alot of standbys and you've got the recipe for a nightmare. Like others have said, the jumpseat is usually booked on top of all of that.

Fedex would be a great option because once you're confirmed then its your seat and pretty much a guaranteed ride. I'm not sure of their daytime schedules but make sure to look into it because fedex is a great option. good luck
Maybe try XJ in March... We have day trips from MEM to DTW on the SAAB starting next month. Flight will be operating empty from what I understand. We used to get to DTW through LEX but Delta put RJ's on it. Hopefully we can take nonrevs........

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