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Drunken Airline Pilots

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
The Manshow on the Comedy Channel did a skit the other night called *Drunken Airline Pilots*. It was a candid camera style episode where the two stars put on pilots uniforms and wandered into the airport bar and proceeded to get obnoxiously sloppy drunk. The camera panned the crowd and you could see the patrons doing doubletakes as they watched this unfold.

They were talking to one guy at the bar and he nervously asks: "You guys aren't flying flight #734 to Los Angeles are you?" They reply "No...no...but I know the guy. Joe. Man, he can't fly his way out of a box!" They then proceed to hit on women and the skit concludes with one guy carrying the other out of the airport.

I was rolling on the ground I was laughing so hard.

Has anyone else seen this skit? Do you think they really did it? It looked real to me.
oh man, I saw that

I watched that back in September. I was in a flying team meeting, and the advisor showed the tape to us for comic relief, and "what NOT to do, ladies and gentlemen". I love it!

Has anyone ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit where they make fun of an older "Iceman" from Top Gun? Tom Kazanski (Iceman) comes back as the airline pilot version.

Kazanski: I've got bogeys at my nine o'clock!!!

Generic FO: Actually Tom, that's the ten-thirty out of Tampa. :)
Monty Python did a a movie called "How to Annoy People." One of the skits with John Cleese was in the flight deck and the crew starts playing pranks with the PAX. Pretty funny stuff.
It's not actually Monty Python...

...but close. I was hoping someone else besides me was familiar with this show! It's actually available on VHS (don't know about DVD), but the title is "John Cleese's 'How to Irritate People.'" Even though this show includes some of the members of Monty Python, it ISN'T Monty Python... This show predates the MP series by about a year, possibly a little more, thus it's actually a John Cleese product.

FYI, the tape as a whole is not particularly good, even to a hard-bitten Python fan like myself, but that airline pilot sketch is worth the price by itself.

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