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Driving record and airapps

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Jan 8, 2003
How far back should I go on my driving record when putting my information on airapps and targeting major airlines?

10 year employment and residence?


I could not seem to obtain my driving records. I was told to check with my local police department and they told me to go to some office in the state capitol. Where do I get this?
Driving record...

You can do several things...

The National Driving Record (NDR) is a national database that will return info on you using Name and DOB ONLY IF YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE MARK OF SOME SORT. Having a letter from them stating they don't have anything on you is a good thing.

Next, you have to contact the DOT for each state that you have ever held a license. Most only go back 7 years, maximum. At a minimum, you can get your current record from the state that you currently hold a license in.

Finally, you can throw all of this info out, because from what I have been told, the airlines will get this info for themselves for a few reasons to include: 1. Avoiding the very rare chance that an applicant has provided a forged record, and 2. Chances are that the copy you get will be old by the time you get an interview. It takes weeks to get the record, and timing this so you have a fresh one as you go to interview is unlikely. What if you have a record that was printed 5 weeks ago, and you got a DUI 2 weeks ago.

AirlineApps.com recommends the following:

Our advice is to be extremely honest as to your circumstances involving driving violations. Background checks will be performed to check your driving record and any non-disclosure on your application or during the interview process may immediately disqualify you for employment consideration.

If I had a spotted driving history, I'd try to find out how far back histories are available in each of the states I have held a license.

The NDR ONLY contains suspensions, revocations, and dui's. Period. If you have never had any of the above it is a good idea to still contact them to make sure there are no errors. If you want to find out what is on your driving record you should go to the nearest dmv and ask for both your employment background and your court background (some things are omitted from your employment background). In nearly every state, most moving violations are perishable. You might have a speeding ticket from 1985 that has since dropped off your record. Airlines are aware of this and most of them only order your ndr.

With that being said, be honest. Lying about a 20 year old speeding ticket, or anything else for that matter, just isn't the way to start a new job. Good luck.
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Sure I am goint to be honest but I do not know exactly how many speeding tickets I have recieved in the past ten years?
A few years back I was sending out apps and requested my records from the NDR... only to find that my license was currently suspended!! For a single parking ticket which was paid 3 days late and piled up additional fines (the letters never found me since I'd moved). Lesson learned... in NJ, pay your parking tickets promt-like. NJ also keeps your records forever it seems. They still show a speeding ticket from when I was 16 (over 14 years ago).
The Clerk of courts will have all the information you need.

Check with the Clerk of Courts in each county you lived, they will, for a fee, copy each of your offenses off for you.

There is always a record, and nothing, I mean nothing is ever "GONE".

Even if you pled not guilty, and found not guilty, the charge will still be on the clerk of courts records.

If you contact the state office, (in my state) they will send you a record for the past 3 years. That is all they keep at the capitol. The rest will be archived for anybodys viewing in the courthouse in which the offense was filed.

PS. When you get pulled over, go to court, etc, this list, with everything you have ever done, charged with, etc, will pop up on the officers computer screen or the computer screen on the judges bench. There is no hiding anything. The leagal system is a large reaching, file keeping industry. Once in, you are there forever.

so basically all traffic tickets since the beginning.. sigh... corporate isn't looking so bad after all

so to be on the safe side.. track down everything?

Start with NDR records. Then recall EVERY ticket you ever got. To be sure, check with the DOT and Clerk of Courts in evert city/county you have ever resided in. Divulge all.

Back when I last interviewed, in the days before most tickets were being stored on internet and computer based systems, lots of guys could get away with being a bit "forgetful". That wont work in today's age of electronic filing and interconnected systems. The information IS out there, and an employer WILL find it.

Divulge all.

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