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DL Flight attendant with gun arrested at Indianapolis airport

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Well, I guess she figured that since she was able to sneak it aboard on the north bound trip, that she'd be able to get the gun home.

Or, she was just the 'test-monkey' like their pilot last month.....
Ok...but she LIVED in ATL. Maybe kept her piece at her crash pad, and was trying to sneak it home.

Can't wait to hear if she had an Indiana CCW.
Just wondering what the outcome of this was, search reveals nada.
Case dropped? How to find out?

Not sure what SE you are using but it sucks... No worries though - mine working fine. Here you go:

Indianapolis authorities dropped the charges against Robillard, who is appealing her firing from Delta.

I did not search further to see if she got her job back but I hope she did and that others get the same treatment when they grab the wrong bag. That said, I think she she should have been fired and given 30 days in jail or 30 days with me, whichever deemed worse for "the story." I have never known a flight attendant who would accidently stow a gun. But then again, they may not have been as hot as she is...

Bottom line, she had the sense to own a Glock. Keep climbing Amber.

Edit - so I don't look stupid-er...
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