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  • Do you know anything or do you know anyone that has dispatched for flexjet? Seems like a good place to work. Kinda nervous about this 2nd interview tomorrow.

    Oh, not sure if you are the same guy on jetcareers, but I think we have talked before.
    If there is a gateway to Hell on Earth, Pinnacle SOC would be it.

    Don't know specifics about the your friend's situation but stay the ******************** away from there! I know. I was proverbialy sodomized the one misarable year I was there. The SOC director is stuck up, the dx mngr is a bitch and the union only takes and doesn't give. They do weight planing there because of the antiquated system they use. It is basicaly a station ops/pilot thing and only adds to the problem having dx do it.

    If your friend does end up there tell them to toss boxes at Fed Ex on the side and get into FedEx dx ASAP.
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