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Well-known member
Sep 24, 2004
Howdy Freight doggie dogs....

I have a buddy of mine (that I went to dispatch school with) that is thinking if applying for the job in OAK.

Do they actually dispatch, or is it more of a flight coordination job.
Can dispatchers jumpseat?
Anyone know what the pay is???

Thanks for the help
yes, yes, yes, don't know.

Well, they don't actually "dispatch" aircraft as we don't require flight releases. In my experience their biggest job is coordination between operations and the customers. If a flight is delayed/diverted/canx they come up with alternate plans to pick up or drop off the freight. If destination wx is blo mins they'll see if the customer wants to wait it out, or maybe try an alternate location. If that's the case they may or may not get wx and file for the pilot, depends on how busy they are. They also coordinate hotels and airline flights and such. More often than not flight/fuel planning is left up to the pilot. Couldn't tell you how much they make. Considering pilots aren't supposed to jumpseat for personal reasons except in an emergency I don't think they'd fare much better.
First off no we dont get to Jumpseat, Unless if its an emergency in any case you need Permission from hazlet. I would say the hardest thing about dispatching would be the Go-No go decisions. Which work to bump off an airplane. Also if a plane brakes down, Dispatch one to recover the work in a timley manner. We file flight planes, for the pilots who are a bit lazy LOL. Call DHL-UPS with Depature and arrivial times. I can assure you Each day will never be like the last. and in Bad weather you will have you hands full, Diveriting, Recovering, and releasing aircraft.

Also The day shift and the night sift Dispatchers deal with Differnt customers.
Dayshift= UPS, DHL Etc.
Nightshift= Bank Runs. and Other customers.

I can not say how The OAK Dispatchers run things, But in BUR we have to handle everything! If theres a promblem BUR knows abotu it and HAs to try to fix it. Hope this helps
many sup ops still dont have licensed Dx....as the DO has the operational control, not the dispatcher does in 121 domestic and Flag....in one of my past airlines, a sup 121 cargo, they only hired licensed DX...but we were called flight followers per the Regs.....ALso, our operation had crew schedulers that took care of the crews, hotels and such...we worked the flight plans, Wx cut releases and helpped the crew...customs, USDA, over flt permits, etc.....121 sup operations can vary wildly from one company to another in the way the are approved to run...
No I do not have my Dispatch license Yet. I was just trying to help you out there is no need to get Sarcastic about it. Dont let the name fool you either. Thats where I started. You asked for information and I supplied it.
I really want to, be the only one at AMF with a 121 license lol. Though not too many schools in CA.

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