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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2002
I've got sort of a dilemma here and maybe somebody could help this decision out. It probably is a no-brainer, but anyways here goes. I recently interviewed with Chautauqua thru Purdue University and was successful and placed in their hiring pool. During the interview I asked when they planned on a new-hire class and they said sometime this summer most likely. Well I also have a CFI job that starts in the middle of June and lasts until the end of August, with a committment to stay the whole time. So should I take the CFI job or tell them know and wait around for Chautauqua? It probably is a no-brainer given the state of the industry and the amount of flight time I have, let's just say I was REALLY LUCKY. Thanks for any advice.
Take the job

What dilemma? You're absolutely right it is a no-brainer. Take the job. One of the great things about aviation is that every day you have something tangible to show for your efforts apart from pay. It is the flight time in your logbook. I remember that the most satisfying moments of my day were at home after work when I filled in my logbook, be it only one flight or five flights. You won't get any flight time sitting at home waiting for that phone call. Moreover, although you're in the pool there's no guarantee the phone will ring.

Only another two-cent contribution. Good luck with your decision.
What kind of commitment to the CFI job? You're not going to sign a training contract to be a CFI (I assume anyway)... so take the CFI job, if the airline calls, try to be polite and give the school two weeks notice, but I wouldn't feel bad about quitting as the school can't offer you quality turbo-prop/jet time.
Take the airline job,Teach till then by all means!!! If I may be so bold, what type of airplane are they planning on putting you in with 300hrs??

Just wondering

It's an EMB-145. When I went through the interview process they were expecting a July new-hire class. Whether that is feasible or not, it's to be seen. I just feel bad about the situation, when there's pilots out there with wayyyy more hours than I have that can't find a 121 job to save their life. I'm still torn about the issue because the letter I recieved from the company didn't say anything about updating my flight time with them or anything like that, which leaves me to question things. I have so many options I don't know what to do. Especially with what's going on with this whole jets for jobs thing with USAirways. I orginally was planning on continuing college and working on a minor in management. The last thing I want in my career is to be a scab or anything like that, and I think that it might be leading towards that.

Thats sounds like a lot of airplane to start off in, but congrats. Don't ever feel like you don't deserve it. You posses a quality they want, or else they would not have offered you the job. As for scabbing, I don't think you are anywhere near that. You will know when or if you are ever confronted with that issue.

Start teaching, a bird in the hand is always worth something. If you had to leave on short notice I don't think it would be a problem, after all that is why you are teaching, to get an airline job. Just be as cordial as you can be with your boss. It is funny where your peers end up in this business.

If you are sure about the ERJ, pick up some flash cards and get studying..Good Luck. You may only have 300 just fly like you have 3000 and impress the hell out of them.

There are a few people in the biz that are blessed with a golden opportunity, take it. Just remember when you make it tothe top to give a little back..

Best of both worlds

I agree with the above about bird in the hand. Take the job. If you get called, though, just be sure you that don't alienate anyone at your CFI job. The people there might come in handy one day.

I thought they were still doing the PFT thing for the under 2500tt pilots. Lets see if I remember correctly that was 10 or 14K that they will gladly take out of your check. If you quit or wash out of school you get to get out your checkbook. I am not sure what happened to them since the Amer Conn deal but stay away from PFT.

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