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Delta's comprehensive 5 year financial plan outlined

General Lee

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Aug 24, 2002
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A lot
New day, new farming out of flying for the private....


Gol Linhas, Delta expand codeshare agreement
GOL Linhas (GOL) announced the implementation of GOL codeshare on Delta's (DAL) flights from Brasilia to Atlanta. GOL will now sell Delta's international tickets through its sales channels. Over the next months other markets will be included in the codeshare, including all Delta flights between Brazil and the United States, as well as key connecting markets operated by the U.S. company, GOL stated.

Uhhhhhhh, this one is GOOD for DL, and the DL pilots. Now GOL, the airline DL invested in, will put the Brasilia to Atlanta DL 757 on codeshare, allowing Brazillians to fly from smaller cities in Central and Northern Brazil (that are too small for DL to go to) to Brasilia, and then connect onto the DL plane. The 757 is regularly full, and more pax means it could be expanded to a larger plane, like a 767ER possibly. This announcement was GOOD for DL pilots, and DL profitability on this route in particular.

You were saying Jonny? Read the article first.

Bye Bye---General Lee


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Feb 14, 2002
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Wow. A very concise, factual representation of how the DL pilots got played by RA (or 60%, the other 40% knew better). Are the DALPA guys washing Anderson's car on the weekends too?

I'm sure Song 2 is right around the corner...funded by the DALPA contract.

With you quoting numbers. How much exactly should have the pilots taken? How much should gone for the other work groups over the next years? How much debt should they not pay down? Also what should they have allocated to shareholders?