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Delta to Discontinue Hilton Head Operations

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2006
Today, Delta Air Lines announced it will discontinue service from Atlanta, Georgia to Hilton Head, South Carolina on the evening of November 2, due to operational and economic challenges associated with the market. As a result, we must close down our station at the Hilton Head Island Airport on that date.

We have been challenged by substantial weight restrictions resulting from the runway length at Hilton Head; and coupled with the challenges of the current economic environment, operating the route has become difficult financially. Although Delta will continue to assess the market, it has no plans to resume service to Hilton Head at this time.
We will continue to serve our Hilton Head customers through the final date of station operation, and Mesaba is committed to easing the transition for our HHH employees.
I thought they didn't have any ATR's left to do that flight?

They dont', Delta is ending all service again to HHH. It just furthers my belief that the Saabs are going to be completely phased out of the new Delta within a couple years. They aren't as economical as many want to think and on top of that Delta has shown over and over they aren't a fan of turboprops.
You are right. Delta's plan for the Saab phase out is approx. 3 years. 10-15 a year for the next 3 years.
"Corner of the market on HHH!" -Piedmont

Lookin forward to more HHH overnights, or a HHH base.
DBQ done at the end of the month as well. LBE and YKF closed, what will be next?

EAU, CMX and INL looking for EAS funding.
Give me my ATR back, and I will get 56 happy people into HHH!

This is what scares me about Delta. They do not plan for the future!

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