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Delta operating out of ATL vs. DFW, why?

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Name is Mitch Buchannon
Oct 4, 2004
What are your thoughts? It seems to me that operating out of DFW as a HUB could be a lot more efficient for Delta as compared to operating out of ATL.
Some reasons:

1. Any (small shower) weather in ATL seems to affect departing and arriving traffic all the time. Seems like you just can't leave or arrive on time. All this causes significant reduction in reliable air-travel for ATL pax. DFW never really seemed to have that much trouble handling traffic. DFW weather is VFR 90% of time.

2. For Domestic Ops DFW would be more attractive as a HUB as it is centrally located so one can cover East and West Coast flying from this central point which should save on fuel expenditures.

These two points seem like important factors to me.

What do you think?
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Be more specific. If you are talking about competition, this would be fair game at any location. We are in the USA you know. There is competition out of ATL too. This is why you make your product better!
Due to gate space restrictions, DAL would be a smaller hub carrier than AA for the foreseeable future. With higher CASM and a smaller route structure through DFW, it wouldn'd (in fact didn't) make sense. Why not concentrate on your stronger hubs (as they did) and spread out geographically (as they did) and focus on international (money making) destinations(as they are trying to do). In ATL, they are the AA. The history of the airline placed ATL as it's headquarters and the site of it's largest hub. I know what you are getting at with regards to DFW being a better airport/hub etc. but AMR staked it's claim on DFW from the get go and you can't just turn history around. The only hub with two major competitors is ORD and I have know idea who carries the most pax through there between UAL and AA but I'd venutre to guess it is UAL.

ATL is a better location for north-south traffic on the east coast but I agree that DFW would be a good hub for other ops. DEN would be a good location too, but too close to SLC

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