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Delta Jumpseat Question

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Mar 31, 2002
To SkyWest and DAL pilots:

We have been told that ACA pilots now have access to the cockpit jumpseat on DAL, however it only applies to the 328Jet pilots since they are the only aircraft that we fly for Delta Connection. How is SkyWest's jumpseat agreement is set up since they operate as UEx and DC also, both using CRJ's i believe. Seems pretty bogus that one group of pilots from the same company recieve JS benefits yet the rest do not.
I feel your pain. My company (CommutAir) flies as Continental Connection and only Continental Connection, yet has no access to the cockpit jumpseat on Continental. Frustrating, to say the least.

Though I've been riding on Southwest a lot lately, and they couldn't be nicer if they tried, from the folks on the phone on down. Many thanks to you guys.
All pilots at SkyWest have access to Delta jumpseats BUT I believe that is because pilots in both the Brasilia and the CRJ do a significant amount of flying in each of the Delta and United systems. A SLC jet crew could fly as Delta Connection one day out of SLC or DFW and fly as United Express out of FAT the next. Likewise, a PSP based Brasilia crew could work the So Cal area as United Express and fly the next day out of SLC as Delta Connection.

We on the Delta Connection side feel your pain. We had NO United benefits for 2 years while all of the J41 and CRJ pilots were getting unlimited WYO's and companion passes on United. We just got the Delta jumpseat because (I think) our ID's were entered into the Delta computer - don't know if they did that for the United side or not - or if Delta will allow it in the first place. Anyway, good luck and hope y'all don't have to wait 2 years.....

I know it was messed up for the 328 pilots for quite a while but why does it always have to be "you guys & us guys" and not just ACA pilots. After all we are the same pilot group, right?
My guess is that it has something to do with the way ACA divides their pilots into either United Exp or Delta Conx. The United guys aren't part of the code share deal, so may be restricted due to the FAA ruling opening the JS to feeder partners only. Then again, that could be completely wrong. Just my guess. IT could also be simply for the same reason that the United Exp guys don't get pass privelages on DAL.

By the same reasoning then, I should be able to ride an ACA United Exp JS, and I can't, right?...
Actually all pilots at ACA have the same DAL and UAL pass benefits regardless of aircraft flown. $30 each way on DAL, free on UAL. Even the guys that only fly DAL flights get the free UAL benefits.
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No venom or anger was intended. What I meant to say was that sometimes the company takes it sweet time to get benefits to all of its pilots - and sometimes you can't even blame the company if United or Delta is the cause of the delay. Hope it doesn't take the United side 2 years to get this fixed. Good Luck.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess I read a bit to far into your first post. Take care.
Not to complain but you all should consider yourselves fortunate to be able to even ride in the back. We lost our jumpseat agreement with UAL after 9/11 and have yet to get it back. I can't even ride in the back. And yet I can ride with literally every other major and regional in the US (in the back of course). I guess just being a 121 regional isn't good enough any more. darnit what do I have to do to fix this? Anybody know the UAL jumpseat coordinator? OK I'm done venting now.

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