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Delta Air Elite

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Learning to Fly

New member
Sep 27, 2005
An outstanding reputation, stability, and professionalism are just some of the reasons our employees have chosen careers with us. We offer an excellent compensation, scheduling, and benefits package, including airline travel, 401K, and other retirement plans.

If you’d like to join a company that provides you with new and exciting challenges, contact us at
[email protected].

Employment Opportunities

Delta AirElite is currently accepting Pilot resumes via email for candidates meeting the following minimum qualifications:

* Pilot in Command – 3,000 hours total time, 2,000 PIC, 1,000 Turbine, Airline Transport Pilot

* Second in Command – 2,000 hours total time, 1,000 PIC fixed wing, 200 hours multi-engine fixed wing, Airline Transport Pilot

If you meet these minimum qualifications, please email your resume to
[email protected]. No phone calls please.
Delta Airelite

Has anyone ever gotten a reply from Delta Air Elite?
....nope....But I fly in there every night at 11pm ( hint hint ) might drop a resume off as long as I don't need to take a pay cut.
I heard they pay close to nothing....but it might be good place to work. Unless you just need to build some time I probably would not go there since the market is opening up quite a bit in the corporate / 135 positions.
Well that answers that question, I'm not going to move again for this career let alone for a paycut, I couldn't care less If I'm flying folks around in a J-3 cub or the Millenium falcon, I just want to be able to pay my bills and maybe get into a company dental program before my teeth fall out.
ruhroa said:
Has anyone ever gotten a reply from Delta Air Elite?

One of our captains just left for Delta Air Elite. Haven't heard from him so I don't know what he thinks about it so far.
Any relationship to DAL will be severed in BK.
Good friend of mine works there:

All there flying is 135. Some seem to think it is part "fractional".

F/Os start at 30k/yr Capts at 56k/yr. Descent medical, & vacation.

7 hard days, 3 soft. off a month.

They have 2 604's, 2 LR 60's a 31A and a 35.

They are small, maybe 35-40 pilots. They always advertise for pilots, have done so even when shrinking.

It is a rudderless company, with an overstaffed yet absentee upper management. They are more affiliated with Comair than Delta. Things will be shaking up soon, especially as Comair feels pay cuts and parked airplanes. DAE was the flying club for Comair execs, and then in recent years a flying club for DAE's pres and "CFO".
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Got offered a job from them 3 years ago. The timing was not right to take the job. Seemed like a good place to work.

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