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Dear OneSky Owners,


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Jan 31, 2011
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Something happened last week at OneSky, but it wasn't what Kenn Ricci planned. Last week OneSky furloughed 24 pilots at Flight Options and it?s now clear why. The operation is falling apart. Fractional operators rely very heavily on the good will of their pilots. If the pilots feel taken for granted, are angry, disgusted or just plain sick and tired, they tend to go into self preservation mode. They will do everything in their power to ensure that their pilots licenses aren't jeopardized. This is because they sense management may be running their company into the ground and they don't want to be the ones left holding the bag. Because of this, they become more focused on ensuring that there is nothing wrong with their airplanes and less interested in compensating for managements mistakes. This inevitably leads to service interruptions for owners. I know what you're thinking, but this has nothing to do with maliciousness and everything to do with human nature. People who feel threatened will defend themselves.

Enter Kenn Ricci. During a time of growing pilot shortages, when no other air carrier on the planet is furloughing, last week, Kenn did just that. Was it because we are over staffed? No we have un-crewed airplanes sitting all over the place. Pilots were asked to work overtime on the very day other pilots were furloughed, in some cases to serve as direct replacements for furloughed pilots. He did it because he thought he could override the feelings of self preservation the pilots are having by injecting fear into the equation. After all it worked in 2008 when he was experiencing similar problems out on the line. Back then he used a reduction in force to eliminate union supporters and simultaneously scare the rest of the pilots back into line.

The only problem for him is this is not 2008 and we are not in the depths of the great rescission. Today the aviation industry is booming, the airlines are reporting record profits, our largest competitor having solved their own labor problems, is reportedly poised to hire hundreds of pilots. Today a friend called to tell me he had applied for what sounds like a very good job the day after he was furloughed from OneSky and was hired today, one week later, at a higher wage then he had earned at Flight Options.

This furlough did not achieve the result Kenn was looking for. Now, in addition to feeling angry and disgusted, pilots are bat $hit pissed off and ironically the speed at which their furloughed peers have been able to find jobs has eliminated any fear Kenn's actions may have caused.

Just thought you should know...
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Sep 20, 2013
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Furloughs? Due to a shift in market demand, customers are preferring to switch from guaranteed availability(fractional) to a cheaper alternative(charter). So now that we recognize where the growth is, Onesky chooses to park the charter fleet and furlough.
Who is the ringleader of this circus?