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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I have an application package requesting a copy of my DD214 (member 1 if active, member 4 if discharged or retired). I am still on active duty, have retirement orders, but my personnel people are saying they can't issue my member 1 or member 4 copies until the effective day of retirement. Anyone else been in this situation and if so, how did you handle it? Thanks:(
Have the admin folks type up a letter stating basically what would be in the DD 214. That's about all you can do. Probably want the commander to sign it too. It can't be issued until your last day and I think the personnel folks mail it to you as well.
All the hiring depts that I've dealt with understand that you won't get your 214 until after you're actually discharged. I sent in a copy of my separation orders, but I don't even think that was necessary. FedEx just told me to send in a copy of my 214 after I actually got it (which was well after I was offered the job).
Good luck in the hunt.

I got my DD214 while in...., but it didn't say discharged. It said, still active with all my promotion and medals and campain information along with discharge date, but that was in 1994. I needed it for a school loan.
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I just retired this month and I went to the MPF and got a letter of military service which included all military sevice history and submitted that with a note saying the DD214 would follow. That worked fine.
i had the exact same experience as zulua320. all of the airlines i applied to seem to understand the deal...
You should be able to get a "draft" DD214 about 60 days prior to retirement which like in my case may be after you start terminal leave. I haven't tried the letter thing yet but I think I will. I have told ATA the same thing about not getting the 214 until actual retirement and they said just send what you can whenever you get it.

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