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DC corp job

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Well-known member
Apr 28, 2004
Was wondering if anyone had any leads on any corp jobs in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area. Would love to find a job back home. Any info would be great. Thanks.
I'll tell you one to stay away from and that is Chantilly Air in Manassas,Va. The most horrible outfit I have ever worked for; no schedule, no pay, fly multiple airplanes with no extra pay, no benefits and never a thank you for the hard work and divorce this place may cause you.
There's a recent post for a Hawker pic out of Mannassas on climbto350
What is the problem with Chantilly Air? I was thinking of throwing my resume that way since they are literally right down the street from my house. They are advertising for LR60 pilots.
where should i start with chantilly..Hmmmm Besides having no life and living at poverty levels and having no life nothing if you like that. I worked there for a little over a year flew 3 different types of lears made low 30s no schedule, no benefits, long upgrade and when you did upgrade still only make maybe 45 or so if you are lucky. Chantilly makes some money but they dont like to spread the wealth. I think the chief pilot who has been there for about 9 years only makes about 80 (funny what people tell you when they have some alcohol in them). Stay away your best bet would be flightworks.
Low 30s for jet FO? Knowing what that same position is paying around my area, for basically on-call 24/7 ... what are the mins and where do I sign up? :eek:

(Seriously though ... I ain't quit'n my day job for one of those gigs, but that's still alot better than anything I've seen locally.)

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