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Day rooms

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Well-known member
Nov 11, 2002
Does anyone here on the board get day rooms while on the road when its going to be a long day and have an early departure the next morning? I have been to some airports that didnt even have a place to sit comfortably let alone stretch out and check the eyelids for leaks.
I think our company manual says begin duty day 6am and back after 8pm you can get one. But i think if the airport conditions don't allow you to relax and has no airconditioning, i'm gettin a room!
Anyways just wondering.


We have a policy that if I ever worry about fatigue during a trip, just get a hotel room. There aren't specific hours that designate when we're to do this - we just use our judgement.
We routinely do 9+ hour waits 3-4 days a week. The room is a must. The bossman has no problems with it as it is a safety issue.
We typically have 10-14 hour day trips. Our company procedure is that anytime you feel you need quality rest, get a hotel room. Mangement at our company allways says, "You can't put a price on safey", and "It's better than making CNN".
get rooms as needed.

Just use of common sense is expected. 4 hr wait? no, go get lunch.

8-10 hr wait? dont be hanging around the fbo snoring....thats lame. get a room, use the gym, catch a nap, take a shower and be rested.

again, its all common sense. I have seen guys book $200 rooms for 3 hrs...and drive 45mins to get there b/c it was a guddam Marriott.(Points! :rolleyes: .) Whats with pilots and Marriotts? ...Got news for ya...Platinum for Life means you have no life.
HHonors Points

I found that Hilton Honors points are the easiest to cash in out or all the point systems. The best thing with Hilton is once you earn Gold level, you get FREE breakfast and snacks at dinner time. The Salt Lake City Hilton you can drink all the Free Import Bottled beer with Gold Status. HHonors is a great thing.
Really? Do you double dog triple dare me to bet? My goodness, he was just having some fun. None the less, he is right. Plat. for life means you have no life as confirmed by, "Wanna bet I am home more than you" No you're not, yes I am, no you're not, yes I am, no you're not, yes I am, no you're......................................................
semperfido said:
not true...i would be willing to bet i am home more than you:)

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