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Current Airline Fuel Hedge Positions


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Nov 25, 2001
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It's gonna hurt on the way down too. Noted CAL is "not disclosed". Heard they are hedged AT LEAST 33% @ 140/barrel. Ouch. Don't know the time period.


FACTBOX-U.S. airlines' fuel hedging positions

Mon Aug 4, 2008 12:31pm EDT
Aug 4 (Reuters) - U.S. airlines have hedged the price ofoil to protect themselves from rising fuel costs, but some mayend up losing money on hedges if the price of crude oilcontinues to decline. U.S. crude oil futures CLc1 traded around $120.50 perbarrel in New York on Friday, down from an all-time high over$147 in mid-July. Jet fuel JET-USG was trading around $3.45per gallon, down from an all time high just above $4.20 inearly July. The following table shows airlines' fuel hedges as theyreported them alongside second-quarter results.


Continental Airlines H2 08 63 not disclosed H1 09 29 not disclosed

* United Airlines Q3 08 44 $100-$127/bbl
Q4 08 47 $99-$134/bbl FY 09 14 $102-$152/bbl

American Airlines Q3 08 35 $95/bbl
FY 08 34 $82/bbl

Northwest Airlines Q3 08 63 not disclosed
Q4 08 56 not disclosed Q1 09 21 not disclosed

Southwest Airlines Q3 08 80 $61/bbl
Q4 08 80 $58/bbl FY 09 70 $66/bbl FY 10 40 $81/bbl

Delta Air Lines Q3 08 48 $2.94/gln of fuel
Q4 08 46 $3.42/gln of fuel FY 09 21 $3.48/gln of fuel FY 10 5 $3.05/gln of fuel

*US Airways Q3 08 58 $97/bbl Q4 08 47 $108/bbl

* Data includes fuel consumption for mainline operationsonly. All others are for consolidated airline operations. (Reporting by Kyle Peterson; Editing by Andre Grenon)


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Nov 14, 2004
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Continental has fuel-hedging contracts with Lehman
Thursday September 18, 1:52 pm ET
Treasurer says Continental Airlines has
fuel-hedging contracts with Lehman Brothers DALLAS (AP) -- Continental Airlines Inc. has insurance policies with AIG and fuel-hedging contracts with bankrupt Lehman Brothers, but the airline's treasurer said Thursday the carrier is not concerned about the ties with troubled financial companies.
Gerry Laderman, who is also a senior vice president at Houston-based Continental, said the airline expected minimal effect from turmoil in the credit markets because it financed nearly all of its aircraft purchases for this year before the latest trouble hit.
Laderman said Continental doesn't have "any real exposure specifically" to struggling insurer American International Group Inc., which the Federal Reserve has pledged to prop up with an $85 billion loan. AIG shares have plunged more than 80 percent this week.
"Obviously, it's like every other Fortune 500 company," Laderman said at an investor conference in New York. "AIG writes a lot of insurance for us ... We have watched the situation closely, but we're not concerned right now."
Laderman said Lehman Brothers, which filed for bankruptcy protection Monday after it could not raise capital to shore up its balance sheet, has been a counterparty on some of Continental's fuel-hedging.
Those transactions were designed to limit the carrier's exposure to high fuel prices that have pushed Continental and most other U.S. airlines into losses this year. With the recent drop in oil prices, airlines could lose money on those hedges.
"I guess lucky for us we are out of the money on those hedges, so we owe them money," Laderman said of Lehman Brothers. "We won't be a creditor, but that's OK," he added, laughing.
Continental shares fell 87 cents, or 4.8 percent, to $17.35 in afternoon trading.

This idiot thinks this is funny?


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Jan 9, 2005
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Alaska Air Group:

Future Fuel Hedge Positions
Approximate % of Expected Fuel Requirements Approximate Crude Oil Price per Barrel

Third Quarter 2008 50% $78
Fourth Quarter 2008 50% $77
Remainder of 2008 50% $78

First Quarter 2009 50% $108
Second Quarter 2009 50% $108
Third Quarter 2009 35% $108
Fourth Quarter 2009 30% $107
Full Year 2009 41% $108

First Quarter 2010 18% $120
Second Quarter 2010 14% $118
Third Quarter 2010 12% $120
Fourth Quarter 2010 12% $112
Full Year 2010 14% $117

First Quarter 2011 6% $113
Full Year 2011 1% $113