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Current 135 Per Diem Rates

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$40/day, each day is divided into 4 segments: midnight - 6am, 6am - noon, noon - 6pm, 6pm-midnight. You get $10/segment, based on block in/out times at home base (or scheduled airline departure/arrival, if airlining).

The company claims that is the highest amount they can do for per diem without receipts or anything, per the IRS regulations. Last time I checked, they were correct.
Would like to know some per diem rates for meals that are current today for 135 jet operators.

The company I was flying for up until 2 months ago gave us $40 cash if we were going to be gone overnight. Otherwise we got nothing for meals on day trips. It really sucked, didn't seem fair. You definitely can't eat three meals in most places for $40
$1.50 hr. If you are gone for a full 24 it is $36 day. It is usually enough for 2 fast food and one decent (applebees, TGI Fridays etc) per day. Although if we are staying at a hotel with a decent breakfast, that can be cut down to 1-2 meals to pay for. -kingaira90
Our company uses the standard government employee rates. 1/2 day for less than 8 hours duty. Per diem ranges from $39 to $64 domestic, quite a bit more for international. It's a pretty good perk at this job.
Ours is pretty basic/simple...$1.00/hr on duty + $19/RON domestic, $49/RON international - good for those 4 & 5 day Bahama trips...

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