Crop-duster shot up


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Jul 10, 2002
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Hey any of you ag pilots had this happen to you?

Crop-dusting rage irks pilot

WINNIPEG -- The man family and friends have dubbed the Red Baron vows he will fly again, because "no bullet is going to stop me."

Josh Hiebert's crop-dusting plane was sprayed with gunfire from a high-powered rifle last week in an apparent attack of, well, crop-dusting rage.
Hiebert, 24, of Niverville, Man., said he's never been to a war zone and hardly expected ground-to-air combat as he sprayed a fungicide on a canola crop in southwestern Manitoba on July 13.
He said as he flew over the field, he spotted a resident of a neighbouring property holding an object near his eyes.
"I thought he might have had a digital camera, but then I realized digital cameras don't have muzzle flashes," said Hiebert.
He heard two distinctive "pops" as he passed near the man's home.
"The first one wasn't too loud and I started to worry something might be wrong with the engine," said Hiebert. "But the second one jolted the plane violently."
Confused and concerned for his safety, Hiebert headed straight for nearby Killarney and safely landed the plane.
He was stunned as he surveyed the damage. A high-powered rifle slug had penetrated the hopper tank, which holds the chemicals. Another tore part of the engine mount.
"If it would have taken more of the mount off, the engine could have ripped right out," said Hiebert.
"If the slug had come through the window, it probably would have hit me. I would have been dead. I just started shaking. The guy I was flying for looked at that and said: 'I think you need a rum to relax.' "
RCMP believe the shooter was angered by the noise of the plane flying near his home.

A 46-year-old man faces numerous criminal charges. His name has not been released.

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Mar 9, 2003
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...and the duster didn't shoot back? What a disgrace! Glad the pilot is OK. I hope the shooter gets life in prison for attempted murder.


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Jul 14, 2005
Im working for fed ex part time as a ramp agent (no glory I know) loading freight and the cockpit door has a sign "unauthorized entry could result in the use of lethal force..." They aren't packin'...hilarious. U need to! Lucky you didnt get hurt, what an idiot.


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Nov 27, 2001
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elpez said:
They aren't packin'...hilarious. they are!


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Nov 14, 2004
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rcsimpson said:
I can see the Canadian's firearms restriction work really well. :)


Canada has 7.4 million firearms to a population of 30 million. One out of every four. (1998 data)


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Dec 14, 2001
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There was an old lady that used to take shots at us with a shotgun if we worked too near her house, when spraying. We didn't take the shooting too seriously, but tried to respect her solitude, anyway. Anybody serious enough to shoot probably feels pretty strongly about their space.

When I first started spraying, the airport abutted the county fair grounds, which included a shooting range. Occasionally when we'd come back at dusk the local trap club would be shooting. Our pattern was typically 200', with a constant downwind to final tight turn, often right over the arena where the shooting was going on. If the local trap club was out, they'd all empty their tubes at us. It was just birdshot, not something to lose sleep over.

One evening when we came back, everybody opened fire, except one. He turned, dropped his drawers, and mooned us. Lain, with whom I was flying, tightened up the turn and passed back over, dropping into the arena, and punched off a series of flags. (Cardboard squares with a 10 or 20' crepe streamer meant for marking fields).

After we landed, he walked back over to the arena and they had a laugh. Lain told his friend that when he saw him drop his drawers, he thought the man wanted toilet paper, and was just providing him with a little.

Other places we got hit, or rather the airplane did, but it's never yet been something about which to worry. The airplane got hit, not me, and airplanes can be patched.


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Nov 26, 2001
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A lady who owned a lighthouse where I used to fly scenic tours threatened to shoot down our Cessnas if we continued to fly over her lighthouse. We called the feds and they went and had a chat with her.
I still did the occasional fly-by


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Dec 17, 2003
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Do you guys remember the incident right after 9/11 where a guy was landing his personal helicopter by his house and a neighbor came out and shot the thing up with a rifle, thinking it was a "terrorist" attack.

I think it happened by Williamsburg VA.