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CRJ700 Pay Rates?

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Well-known member
Dec 21, 2001
Anyone know current pay rates for the CRJ700?
These rates were taken off of the TA rate that will be voted on shortly at ASA. They are higher than Comair, Horizon, Eagle, and Mesaba. I am only posting every 5 years for CPT and every 4 years for FO because these rates go out to 18 years of seniority and it would take me forever to post.

CPT 1-60.20, 5-68.01, 10-80.63, 15-93.89, 18-102.59

FO 2-37.24, 4-39.58, 8-44.70

1 year FO is the same for every aircraft - 19.02 (for individuals that dont know ASA first year pay policy). These rates will again be negotiated in the upcomming contract.
The rates posted by Tim47SIP are about 1/2% higher than those in force at Comair until June 22nd then they are about 2 1/2% below Comair rates.

Any speculation on getting the TA soon at ASA or should we expect a Comair-like multi-year wait?
The vote is scheduled to be done in a month or so. I think it will pass without any problems as the TA rates came from our MEC who is pushing for TA approval. On the back of the sheet it does state that NLT 14 Sep 02, the rates will increase 1/2%. Additionally, the upcoming contract negotiations will also increase the numbers slightly (3%?) for the TA. Hopefully it wont be a multi year negotiation.

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