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Crew rate Hotel PHL

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Active member
Jan 23, 2005
Are there any hotels in PHL with a good crew rate? I would appreciate
any info......hotel name/ price/phone # .......thanks
Brand new 2009, Best Western in Chester (next to Widener University) is $49 out the door. I've never been treated better in ANY hotel. The people were fantastic. Free breakfast and internet with on-demand van service. About a 10 minute ride. It costs a bit more but if I have to get a room I stay here exclusively now.

Microtel. Better than the Days Inn. OK internet and a bad little free breakfast. The folks behind the desk aren't very nice. It's not new but isn't in bad shape and you don't feel too dirty sleeping there. $45 I believe.

Days Inn, a quarter-block away from the Best Western. A dump. A crew-hotel, for sure. Most of the people on the van are crewmembers. Van runs on a schedule and the folks behind the desk aren't nice at all but the van drivers are nice. No free breakfast and spotty free internet. Dumpy rooms. Feel dirty sleeping there. Used to be $39 but someone told me it went up to $42 out the door.

The Lagoon. I've never stayed here and have been told that they are trying to make it nicer and that the price has gone up. I believe this FA said it was ~$50 but I'm not sure.
Sheraton 4-pts, right at the airport. 215-492-0400. Ask for J Coyle or Charles Caveston, they handle the airline reservations. $62 out the door, last time I stayed there. They will give Starwood points, even at that rate. A little pricey, but very comfortable. 10% off in restaurant.


and as an added bonus the Micro, Days and Lagoon come complete with hookers in the hotel parking lot.

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