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Crew Pass in BWI

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Well-known member
Nov 13, 2005
I finally get to go fly next week...its only been 18 months so I hope I didn't forget how to do it. Do I have to be in uniform to get through the Crew Pass lane? I'm deadheading to Europe and I would really like to avoid having to change clothes after getting through security.

Thank you for any info.
95% of what passes for "secure" or "protected" information is a f-ing joke, including most of what is considered SSI regarding the FFDO program which can be found by Google.

IMHO, I think any details regarding access past the village idiots in blue might be best left off a public forum.

Good luck on your trip.
Just how long does the TSA need to study Crew Pass before going to more airports? 18 months is not long enough? I'm sick of going thru security so I can get INTO MY COCKPIT AND FLY THE AIRPLANE. This absurdity has gone on long enough.
Actually I believe crewpass is no longer in the testing phase. It was approved some months ago for use at all airports. The hold up is that airlines must get together and pay an IT contractor to operate the system. ALPA was working on a cheaper inhouse program but I haven't heard anything on it in a few months.
I use crew pass every week at BWI. One thing you can count on is it's never the same. Some will make you put on your uniform (shoulder boards and tie) and others don't care. Some make you show 2 forms of ID at the first desk while others figure the guy or gal at the second desk that actually checks you on crew pass are good enough. As always the TSA ...WELL THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE ....TOO MANY STUPID A****OLES
What's wrong with changing after security? I've never heard of any restriction . . . seems pretty obvious they want you in uniform so they can see you're crew, and so the pax don't bitch. Once the show is over, who cares?

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