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Crew Bags on CRJ200

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I saw the note also so I took it out of the overhead bin and pink-tagged it and sent it to the back on the last round trip. When I got it back after ONE round trip, it had two zippers bent in half and my crew tag was gone.
I think I'll send the repair bill in and tell them either pay me or it goes back upstairs....

Do they not fit in the overhead??
Yes it did fit fine in the overhead. I took it out after seeing the POI cruising around the ramp that day and 'complied with' the latest bulletin. And after said round trip I found it to have two of the large zippers gone and one in front bent over almost in half.
I heard a rumor that mgt. is using their heads and is going to change the rule and let the crews put the bags in the overheads. The crews would then put the weights in the WB.

Any truth to this obvious simple right answer to this problem?

I like what someone said earlier about the FAA making such a stink about the bags but they don't care about the some overweight crews that exceed the crew weights by 100 lbs or more.

There is better things they could be doing with their time.
We had those "memo's" Mesa. They also said they wanted us to leave the "Coat Closet" open for pax etc in the 700/900. We all read the memo and have dismissed it. Mgt hasn't tried to push the issue since that memo. Thus, I always - ALWAYS - put my roller in the overhead bin in the 200 and stow in the closet in the 700/900.


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