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Corporate Pilots

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stranger to the ground
Dec 3, 2001
hi corporate pilots !
tell me your story on how how got your first corporate job,any pointers and tips will be really helpful thanks in advance
Get to know as many corporate pilots as you can. Word of mount is huge in the corporate hiring business, but it's not set in stone.

I was hired in my first corporate jet job through a reference from a friend who worked on their field. My current job was found through a corporate placement service.

It just seems that if you personally know a chief pilot of a company you have a MUCH better chance since you already have an "in". This is true, of course, only if you're qualified to work for him. If you have 300 hours and a wet ME ticket and he/she is flying a GV, you're chances are probably slim. Think and work in realistic terms. Set a goal and go for it.

Best of luck in your search!!


I got my first break by having multi time in a C 402. While I had about 900 hrs single engine time, my roommate flew a C402 from various LA area airports. When he had to reposition an aircraft to local different airports for departure he would let me fly to the airport. Then he would pick up his pax and depart. I would jump on a bus for a long ride home. Do some work then get back on a bus and go to the airport he'll be arriving at for some flight time home. Some times we would leave the gear down so the hobbs meter wouldn't reveal any excess flying. I accumulated almost 140 hrs of C 402 time that way. When I saw an add in trader plane for C402 pilots in Wisconsin, I sent in a resume. They didn't sound too thrilled because they didn't think anybody from So Cal would want to move to Wisconsin for a miserable winter. Originally being from Boston, I told them that I could get up there for my interview on my own expense. They set up a date and I went there, did a small checkride and told them I could be there ready to work in 2 weeks. They hired me.I stayed there for a year when my old buddy called me up.( the one that let me fly his 402) He asked if I'd be interested in flying a Merlin out of LA. I agreed and moved back to LA. Since that time I have flown several different types of jets all over the world. Initially I was hell bent on building time to get to the major's . But things have changed, I really enjoy my job now and don't want to leave. I have over 4 years seniority in this company and can fly more or less any equipment I want. The pay has been more than I ever Expected and would take many years to get to this level in the majors. While I would make more money with the majors in the long run, I don't have to bid lines, equipment and commute to work. My benefits are pretty good also. I just enjoy flying to different places. To me it's more fun. I'm enjoying life more now that I opted out of the big race. There are a small group of us out there that enjoy doing corporate flying. I can fly anywhere from 10-30 days per month. Since I enjoy the International flying sometimes I'm gone for extended periods. Being single this is not a big deal. Most long trips cover a vast amount of the world. Most of the married guys appreciate me more for this reason. Main thing is to be happy at what you're doing. Good Luck
Who was the 402 operator in Wisconsin? I am flying one in Wisconsin now and have lived here all my life.

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