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Corporate Jobs?

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New member
Feb 9, 2002
Hey everyone I am new here and I was just looking for some help on getting a good corporate job. Ok well here is my story. I started flying corporate last November for a company in North Carolina out of RDU. They hired me to fly a new Barron with only 700TT and 100Multi so I got VERY lucky there. While I was there they bought another plane, a 421 and then shortly after traded the Barron for a 425. Then one day last July I got laid off because he couldn't afford the airplanes and sold both of them just like that. I then went to go work for a regional and had a class date after 9/11 so I never got to class. I finally got a job in November flying freight, but I am flying single engine which isn't really helping me out. I am looking to get back into the corporate or 135 charter thing, but am having trouble finding companies that are hiring. I was just wondering if you guys know of anyone that is currently hiring into either 414. 421, 425 or King Air's. My total time is about 1900, 750Multi, 240 Turbine PIC. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
Have you tried Cape Air? I know they fly out of BOS throughout New England and they have a mess of 402's. I believe most of the fleet goes south to Florida in the winter.
Cape Air is not hiring unitl Spring/Summer at the earliest from what I have heard....
try www.flycapeair.com for a link to their employment page.

Sounds like a good place to work for a while from what ex Cair drivers have said.

Thanks for all the info guys. Cape Air is out because I can't get my ATP for another 3 years (age requirement). I just did an online app with Ameriflight so we will see what happens.

You should talk to some people at the FAA about a waiver for the age requirement on the ATP. I know at least one guy that was able to get an ATP at age 21 somehow. I don't think that he had any special favors from them, he just kept asking for a waiver to the rule. Good Luck!
It's been a few years since I taught so I've been out of the 'regs' enviornment for a while - you have to be 23 right to ge an ATP correct?? I think that there is some kind of funky reg now that allows you to get an ATP at 21 but you can't exercise the priveledges of that ATP until you're 23 - is this what your friend did?

Go get your degree. You'll want it someday and you might as well take advantage of the "lull" in the action to do it.
Job hunting


As a professional "flying job seeker," (otherwise known as a professional corporate pilot), of the past 18 years, I can tell you that the best way to quickly find jobs that will best fit your experience level and aircraft preference is to borrow an NBAA membership guide from the local FBO. (Usually the larger FBO's are members and should have the guidebooks; e.g., Signature, Million Air, etc...)

From this membership guide, you can quickly locate company aircraft types, base locations, valuable fax and telephone contact information, etc... Its a fantastic compliation of information. This is really your best bet if you are looking at specific aircraft types and perhaps company locations.

Send your resume to everyone in the book you are qulaified to work for regardless of their hiring status. Even if the respective company you pick is not hiring, it is a great opportunity to get your name out there and procure leads. I landed a couple of great fortune jobs that way. One from a lead received while following up with a company, and another directly from an initial contact with a company.

We all had to be in your shoes at one time or another, just keep plugging away and I'm sure you'll find an opportunity.

Good luck.
Have heard that Cape Air is hiring possibly 3 classes for the spring. I believe the March class is already full but rumor has it 8 pilots for April and 8 for May. Not sure what the min reqs are.

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