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May 3, 2002
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Hello all! I have been checking out this forum for a while and thought I would join and toss in 2 cents. I did not see a link for Corpex so maybe there is a few of you guys out there. If your on furlough from 3C and have not heard the April rumors, the company placed out bids for I think 13 cites that would be Essential Air Service routes out of MEM and I’m guessing maybe MCI. I think they hope to get 6 to 8 cites which would bring most - probably all the furloughs back. They have been waiting to hear on who will be awarded these cites for sometime now. All the locals seem to say now the first of May.

Drop a line if anybody knows anything...


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Dec 1, 2001
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If you have an option of going someplace else, I would do it. The EAS stuff is so uncertain that you cannot bank on it whatsoever.

In addition, they payscale is so low, that any more than one year of F/O pay, and you will be eligable for foodstamps.

We have 18 captains flying in the right-seat, and a handful of F/O's on the property - - Moral is low.

Look for other options first, then come back - - if it's your only option.