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Convair Cargo in CVG....

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DX Rick

Well-known member
Apr 6, 2004
Last night I hitched a ride home with ABX into CVG. When we got there, I saw what looked like a Convair 580 on the ramp, white fuselage with great big lettering that said "CARGO" down the side.
Anyone here knows who operates that plane?

I was about to say IFL, I think we had one in there yesterday, but we don't have CARGO painted on the side. Just looked up a pic of their aircraft, pretty sharp paint job
Just out of curiousity does anybody know what happened to the former Air Tahoma's CV-580's? And also is it true that they owned a Bae-146 at one time??
No clue what happened to the 580s I think they are trying to get the company well the birds back in the air. And I'm pretty sure it is true that they had a BAE-146

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