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Contract Military?

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Has anyone ever done contract flying for the military? I know the military flies a few aircraft that are civilian aircraft and I was wondering if they ever hire experienced civilian pilots to do flying for them. Anyone with any info on this would be a great help. Thanks.

firstly, i want to state clear that i've not done any military contract.

But i doubt so they would hire a civilian pilot unless that civilian pilot had switch it's job over the military and gone through military training. For like it's said, it's military. If there's anything is to happen, such as a war is to breakout, enemies intrude our airspace, would bring anything in thieir range down esp. vehicals and stuff that would hinder their procedure od overtaking the country such as military planes, tankers etc...

Does civilian pilots be able to have quick reflex to such thing if they really happen and the pilot the plane swiftly to aviod being hit etc...? Maybe some might... even if it's a civilian aircraft, in war time might me of usage to bring civilians out of war zone to safetly etc... they would too need properly train pilots incase of being attacked. They wouldn't want to risk the civilians inside it would they?

Nextly would be that, would a civilian pilot really worked it's way for the military? or are they just there to rip out some internal info on how they operate and stuff?

I might be wrong here in certain aspect but like i've said, i've not done any miliraty contract...but this is to my understanding and knowledge off.

Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. I mean that's how everyone learns right? but dont boom me too hard :D

Im not sure what type of flying you are talking about? The govt does contract out a huge amount of military flying. AMC(air mobolity command) charters out almost all of the pax flights to all the bases- airlines like WORLD Airways, N. AMERICAN, ATA, OMNI POLAR, EVERGREEN ATLAS, GEMENI all have contracts flying military personal and cargo all over. Mostly they are normal pax flights with the exception that all the pax have a military connection- but sometimes we are hauling troops in full combat gear with m-16s.
I fly for the military quite often. Our aircraft, not theirs. There is alot of paperwork, few benefits, but I enjoy it more than any other flying we do. Great guys though, carry their own luggage, don't leave the cabin a mess and have a great sense of humor. Hvae even ran into 2 guys I knew from when I was in uniform.
I am also aware of something - the first of its kind I believe. I t should be operational by sept. We ( US Govt sells and trains piots from other countries planes like f-16) We often do pilot training however some of these foreign pilots arrive with so little experience that it is very difficult to check them out in a f-16) This new civilian contract will be the first civilian functional warplanes in US- Mostly A-4s that are allowed to carry and drop bombs and to utilize MOAs. After 100 hours or so these foreign pilots will then go to ANG for training in the F-16 much more prepared.
This may sort of answer the question...

Also, there are some civilian pilots who fly military aircraft. The instance that sticks in my mind are the contract flyers for the USAF navigation school who fly the T-43s (military versions of the 737-200). Also, back when we flew the T-3 Firefly (pre-pilot training flight screen), the instructors at Hondo were civilian. Finally, most USAF simulators are all run/instructed by civilians now. I've seen some contract flying for large troop movements or rotations in/out of theatre...

rumpletumbler said:
You might check out http://www.phoenixair.com They do some fun things with the military.


I can second this. When I was in the Air Force, I was closely involved with the selection of Phoenix Air to fly "faker" missions using Learjets and other craft, some configured with chaff dispensers and sophisticated radar and communications jammers. These aircraft simulated bad guy bomber aircraft.

I'm pretty sure they are still in this business, and that the program is now run by the Air Guard. The fakers flew in lots of Air Force exercises, up to and including Red Flag and Green Flag.

We also administered a contract that leased MU-2's which flew as "ducks" for radar controller training at Tyndall AFB. This contract was won by an outfit in Tuskegee. I don't know if it is still there or not.

All these aircraft were flown by civilians. Most, but not all, were former military.

There was a good article in "Air and Space" several months ago from a Continental Micronesia 737-800 captain that flew over into China to pick up the crew of the U.S. spy plane that was detained there. Looked like a lot of fun.

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