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Continental Takeover

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Well-known member
Feb 14, 2002
Does anyone know what NWA still has on CAL on takeover considerations? My understanding is that they can prevent one from occuring. I have spoken to a few CAL types and they all think they will be retire under another airline...I have heard Delta mentioned many times and it being a 'when' not an 'if'. CAL's market cap is a measly 600million right now...less than half of JetBlue...the time is right to gobble them up, but I'm wondering if they can be bought at all without NWA's blessing...anyone know? Strange things appear to be afoot at CAL...more than just crazy precontract opener stuff...I am wondering if something is going to happen here soon....
My understanding is NWA still has to agree to anyone buying CAL until 2025 (?). I thought that was the year, but I don't recall. Haven't heard from any of the CAL guys within the last year on the issue. However, if they wanted to work around that stipulation, CAL can buy anyone they want without NWA approval. They could get creative, Delta could loan CAL the money to buy Delta. You'd still have the merger, but without NWA disputing the deal. I can't see it happening though. Gordon is a power hungry freak (among other things) over at CAL and he wouldn't want to answer to anyone but himself.
Agree with SheGaveme......

Rumors always seem to fly at CAL about possible mergers. Latest are DAL or NWA. NWA can stop merger unless CAL does the buying. I doubt CAL could get the financing, and we definitely don't have the cash, required to buy anyone.
CAL management is still trying to compete in this market and I doubt would be looking towards a merger.

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