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Continental Express?

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Dec 7, 2001
I am looking for info. on Contnental Express? Do they go by a new name? Have any of the pilots been called back? When might they start hiring again? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
It's a great place to go. You get all the advantages of flying for a regional, great schedules, nice aircraft, top notch pay, with one big advantange of working for a major, the chance to get furloughed. I'm so glad they turned me down.
I left there a year ago but I still keep up on what's going on there. My friends are telling me that they will probably begin recalling around the end of this year and hiring sometime next year. As far as regionals go, I think it's one of the best around. Great people to work with, nice equipment and hopefully they will get a decent contract soon. They are still taking delivery of around four RJ's a month and will be getting their third EMB-145 sim online later this year. Good luck to ya.

Looks like we'll be hiring early next year. 4 ERJ's a month for the next few years is a fact. The furloughed Continental guys should leave hopefully next year sometime and the movement will be very fast again at Express. We just announced a new Mexican destination this week and will continue to announce new markets all Summer and Fall. Pay is already in the middle of the small jet operator level and should leap frog the guys at the top early next year. We begin contract talks next week and could have some squabbles but in the end everyone on property will be very happy when the deal is signed. The airline is run very well and I really don't know of any other small jet airline that is so integrated with the major they work with than Continental Express. Rarely do we use bording stairs on the ERJ's and almost all are ACARS equipped and over half have dual FMS units making life easier on the pilots. We stay in some of the nicest hotels in the country when on layovers with many Mexican and domestic layovers exceeding 33 hours. If we can just pull the pay up to the levels we deserve you'd hear no complaint out of me. Get your resume's dusted off if you are interested in working here next year. It is going to be a busy 2003.
Never quite made it to the runway....

I was on Continental waiting to take off for my interview in Houston on 9/11, needless to say, we turned around. Good to hear things might be picking up again at CoEX, the only thing that worries me, is that by the time our plane was back at the gate, they had already furloughed 200 pilots! Now I am exagerrating, but all I heard before 9/11 was that CoEX was a VERY stable place, yet they started furloughing almost the earliest, and from what I've heard, some of the most. How stable does that sound? Even though this is how I feel, I was still very excited about my interview, and, would just possibly, like to work their someday, if the cards fall right.
Flow Through status

I was just wondering whatever happened with the flow through. I know when the IPO was supposed to happen last year, the flow through would end. The justification was to keep the companies completely separate.

9/11 happened, then reverse flow through was alive and well, even with the current IPO.

What will happen one all the mainline guys are back at mainline? Will the flow through then die. IMHO I think it should stay alive since the reveres flow through is still alive today and so many people were furloughed.

Tell me what the situation,
ive got a ? for the current C/E guys.

is it possible for y'all to locate another C/E pilot within your system? my first flight instructor went there about 3 years ago, and i lost contact as we both moved shortly thereafter :(

any chance i could give ya his name and one of ya pin him down for me?...assumming hes still there of course ;)
I'm currently on furlough from Expressjet...

Family Man,

The company intends to terminate the FTA when CAL becomes a minority owner around the end of October. Last year ALPA said they would fight any attempt to illegally terminate the agreement early. From what I can tell, the FTA would expire before CAL begins hiring again. That is important because the flow rate is tied to hiring at CAL. If no-one is hired between now and the expiration of the FTA, the only people flowing over will be the senior captains who are grandfathered by CAL. Whether or not a "new" FTA will be negotiated, only time will tell. The "flow-backs" will remain at Express until recalled by CAL regardless. The FTA was interpreted that way back in Dec. of 2001, and a LOA was signed by the company and union.

Future SNA,

No-one was officialy furloughed until October 1st. There are many opinions about what is right re: furloughs, etc. I was furloughed on Nov. 1st and although I don't like it, at least my company is still growing (as are others) and I see a good future there. I am expecting a recall notice around or by the end of the year. Unlike many of us, I'm not necessarily looking to move on to a major airline. So, I'm content to wait for my recall, and look forward to working for a great company. With a superior industry leading contract just around the corner, I believe that XJT will be the place to be in the near future.

As far as A/C deliveries, 4 per month until October, then 8 EMB145XR's for that month, then 5 each in Nov. and Dec., then 4 or 5 per month after that. We should have 194 +- aircraft by years end.

If anyone has better intel, please feel free to correct me! :D

"Small Jet" FO Furloughed Nov. 1st.
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Thanks for all the info. Sounds like it will soon be a great place to be. I will keep instructing and put my resume in by the end of the year. Anyone heard of a possible domicile in TYS?

Thanks Again,

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