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Considering applying to the FAA

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Nov 26, 2001
Has anyone on the board applied to the FAA recently?

Anyone hired recently? I'd be interested to know if anyone has heard from the FAA after applying to them. My friend had to wait eight years before getting hired by the FAA.

I am just considering it as a possibility in case I do not get into the electrical apprenticeship program.

If you go to their web site, there are apparently lots of Aviation Safety Inspector positions available. I don't think the starting pay is very good for inspectors, though. I had considered it at one time. Every time I have a bad experience with a Fed I think "**CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**, I could do his job, and not be a JACKASS about it, too!" Some of those guys....Don't get me started.

Good luck to you on the "Dark Side". May the force be with you.
We'll mourn your passing into the lake of the undead, from whence no living thing returneth.

The reason it took your friend so long is probably because the FAA generally hires only people who couldn't make it in the industry (there are a few exceptions). Your friend was probably too successful and intelligent to get drafted. He must have slipped and fallen and been unable to get up. We mourn him, too.

Remember, if the FAA doesn't hire you, there's always a life of crime to turn to, or simply a career torturing small furry animals. Good luck!
FAA ASI jobs

Yes, Virginia, you can be an ASI and be decent. I can say that because I have had positive experiences and one particularly upsetting experience with ASIs.

One of my best friends in aviation is a Fed. This gal is a great pilot and flight instructor, and is extremely fair and very professional. She has battled the coneheads in her office to avoid becoming like them, and lost career brownie points to maintain her ethics and integrity.

I haven't seen an ASI notice in years, but it used to be they started as either GS 14s or 15s, which paid something like $30K - $40K to start. Great government benies, of course. Quals used to be similar to commuter requirements, 1500 total and an ATP. 500 multi may also have been a requirement. It used to be that if your FSDO needed an inspector with a particular rating, the FAA would send you to FSI or something on Uncle Sam's nickel. Can't beat a deal like that.

The job isn't for everyone, but, in my .02 opinion, it is a great opportunity for the right person.
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FAA inspectors start at the GS 9 level. pay scale below.

Position: Aviation Safety Inspector,FG-1825-9/11/12
Salary Range: $33,254 to $62,686

GS 14/15 is a manager level. pay scale below.

Position: Aviation Safety Inspector(Operations),FG-1825-14
Salary Range: $78,265 to $101,742
FAA Inspectors start at GS-12 step 1. This was $51,927 (plus locality pay of about 4%) on December 31, 2001. There was a pay raise of approx 5% Jan 1, 2002. The only persons who might be offered GS-9 or GS-11 are special category (read affirmative action) selectees who don't meet all of the OPM qualification standards for aviation safety inspectors.
Going to work at the FAA is not my first choice by any means. I have more of a desire to have my own business and make money honestly through my own business interests.

Agreed, I do not like that type of Fed who is enforcement-happy. I don't even know if I would fit in since I hate kissing people's butts and I just tell it like it is. That's one reason why I'd like my own business. I also hate kissups myself and also am not willing to lose my integrity if I ever got an overzealous boss who wanted me to write up people for inadvertent, minor things. So I am not sure I would make a good "Fed" if they are looking for overzealous kissups.

We are fortunate however in our area to have a few decent feds who are honest and are not violation-happy. The only time they go big on violations is if someone does something truly stupid like buzzing someone's house or landing on an ice covered reservoir (that happened some time ago). Otherwise they have a tendency to drop charges for inadvertent stuff.
I'd rather fly for Escobar Freight Intl. down in Columbia.

The union is strong, you fly fast aircraft, and most importantly you don't have to land the **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** thing after that long intl. leg.

Oh yeah, the pay is on average a half mil a year. Of course, you are paid per trip.

Anbody know how to pack a parachute?
>>>>The only time they go big on violations is if someone does something truly stupid like.......landing on an ice covered reservoir.


Perhaps you could tell us what is "truly stupid" about landing on ice? I've landed on ice covered lakes countless times, both on wheels and skis. In fact I landed on a frozen lake on wheels last friday. I base my personal airplane on a frozen lake, as do many other pilots around here. The FAA doesn't seem to think it's "truly stupid", as the lake is served by an air traffic control tower. (Official name of the facility is Lake Hood Tower)


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