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Conquest II School

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Well-known member
Jan 20, 2009
An interesting situation has come about where I may have a chance to be flying a Conquest II. My question to you folks is which school is going to be the best to go to for intial training? I assume Flight Safety up in Kansas, but the owner is sending the other pilot to some local school in FL. Possibly with I believe a DE that can give him the necessary training he will need?
Proflight in Carlsbad, CA. Known as one of the best programs out there. Next option is Simcom in orlando or scottsdale.
I'm in SW FL so it sounds like Simcom would be the best bet. I just wan't to go to a pretty decent school as this would be my first turbine powered aircraft. Any ideas on pricing?
Another vote for Proflight. I was there in July of this year. The cost is less
than most of the bigger training facilities and the training was fantastic.
Another vote for Proflight! Caleb is the guru of the 441. Hands down best in my opinion.
I'm actually not guna end up going to school on it since I'm just guna be a right seat warmer, but I figure the main pilot can teach me what I need to know he's an MEI himself so everything should be legal until I can upgrade myself.
I went to FSI in Wichita, but that was when the airplane was new. They are the gold standard, but you pay for it. Been to many others, all have unique advantages.
I urge owners to get in the habit of sending at least 2 crew to each school, it's more cost-effective and about the cheapest part of ownership on a turbine.

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