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Competitive salary for Lear F/O??

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
Hey guys

Just wondering what a competitive annual salary is for a Lear 35 F/O (FAR 91). I'm gonna be doing some negotiating for a position and I don't wanna get low-balled.

I will also be responsible for cleaning and doing Jepps.

I'm gonna throw a $40k/yr figure out there and see what everybody thinks. Any info appreciated....
If you are going for a Part 91, your figure makes sense.

Hope this helps

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I'll tell you this: my company is a low-pay operator. I was out of work, and I needed the total time and jet experience to get to Net Jets.

At 40k, you will be making more than I do.

A lot more.
Falcon Capt

Thanks, I'm in the Pac NW if that makes a difference....
Yeah, $40k is fair up there... if you were in LA or SFO or somewhere like that you could try for more.... You can try and shoot a bit higher, maybe $45k...

Good Luck!
$40 is good to start, don't forget the benes; medical, dental, vision, 401k, laptop?, uniform and dry cleaning allowance if required to wear a uniform.

Make sure you know up front the hours, are you 24/7, how long to show, scheduled days off, vacation time, where you stay on overnights, is it per diem or expenses?

Try to get rid of cleaning the airplane. It's one thing to show pride in your job and vacuum/wipe down before/after a trip, but professional pilots don't wash airplanes (unless they want to). Really its a liability, imagine you slip and fall washing the A/C, or scratch the $40,000 windshield!
Livable wages

Trust me on the pay, if your strating wage is in the 40's, you've got the regional's beat. I'm an FO on EMB 145, going on 3rd year at Am Eagle only making 27K after my paying for commuting to my reserve line. Stick it out!! -C
LOL .. Yep, you've definately got the regionals beat there. In fact, you will double what a first year regional pilot makes, with that salary. However .. remember that it is often more expensive to live up North... I assume you have lived in the Pac NW area and know what living expenses are. I'd ask for a salary that is reflected on your experience and needs ... but not too high as to turn them away.
Lear pay

I've accepted a job (in the Pacific NW) in a Lear 35 Part 135 for a starting salary of $45K. Includes health insurance for the whole family and a paid cell phone bill; not sure about anything else. I'll get the type rating out of it and fly "co-captain" from the right seat until I get some time in the airplane. I'll be doing the Jepps for the plane, I'm sure.

PM me if you have other questions.

Are you furloughed UAL?

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