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Compare 135 Companies.

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Well-known member
Jun 27, 2005
Alright. In this thread lets compare QOL here. What kinds of days off schedule do some of you get? Vacation? Does your company pay you average pay for your position?

The biggest thing I really want to know is how many days off are companies giving thier pilots.

all input would be great.

I am currently flying a DoJet for a charter company, and get 1 week vacation a year, and work a 7/7 schedule. I came from flying freight, and when I got hired by this company, they sent me to school and got me typed immediately.
The pay is better than average.
About 135 companies

A lot of so called " 135 companies" are really "134.5 operators"I found out about after I got there.They are in the category of bottomfeeders such as the operator at M88 in Nashville,Tenn. They fly with squawks all the time,they do maintenance only when they have to,treat the pilots like a huge liability,which is like crap and fire pilots for following reg's and also for going on interviews with other companies. I am told about 75% of all 135 operators fall into this category.
I work for a charter company in Nashville, Tn. I work about 4 days a week, I can except or reject any flight that is not scheduled for me in advance, we have about 14 pilots, one of which will take the flight if you don't want it. This year I will clear 38k, my first year. I usually get weekends off or any day I request. I feel retired. Thanks Colemill....
12 on two off. I'm guessing thats about mid range. Pay does not reflect the schedule. I would imagine that's par for the course as well.
2 weeks on, 1 week off...starting pay for co-pilot is 65k, captain is 80k, plus hourly flight bonus pay. Maintenance is top notch, nothing is deferred longer than it takes to get the new part delivered.

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