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Commuting from Minnesota

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Kids are overrated...
Aug 2, 2002
Just curious... What regional airline has the best commuting policy out there? I'm in frozen MN and kinda stuck here since my wife has a job that makes 10x what my corporate job pays and I don't have the times for the majors - not that they are hiring anyway. I have been looking at Lakes, Mesaba, and Express (or whatever they are now) as well, but still would like to know what options are out there. I fly jets now but could care less if I fly jets or a turboprop for a regional.

Thanks in advance for the reply!
I can speak for Pinnacle (Express I), 1 time a year "commuter" grace policy. So basically no commuter policy. Although we are hiring and we have a base in MSP (so does Mesaba).

If you are a commuter to MSP, plan on a few years before holding a "commutable" line.

I think for a commuter policy, ACA is still the best, if I am wrong... someone please correct me!
Mesaba has what's called a call in honest policy. You must give yourself two flights (either on company, Pinnacle, or NWA) which will get you to your domicile one hour before your "show" time. If the first flight gets cancelled or you get bumped off for some reason, call scheduling and they will either pull you from the trip if there's adequate reserves (no pay) or positive space you on your backup flight. Either way there's no penalty against you. Makes commuting a little less stressfull.

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