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Da Bears...Bears...Bears
Nov 26, 2001
Hello all,

Looking for some information on Commutair -- got called for an interview today :)

Junior bases, first year F/O pay (do I really want to know?), and most importantly, are they friendly to commuters? I'd be commuting from the Chicago area. And, any tips on the interview would be fantastic also!

Also, what's the outlook on the company there? I heard rumors while I was in training before I got furloughed that they were bankrupt over the summer...any thoughts?

Thanks, and take care,
They didn't go bankrupt. They did cutbacks so they wouldn't have to resort to that. Smart move. Things are on the up there. Plenty of flying and the upgrades seem to be at a year or less. PM me if you want more info..... ROC first officer
Any one out there have any advice on how to study for an interview at Commutair, I can seem to find will fly for food. Thanks
When did you guys send your resumes? I filled out the online app 1 1/2 weeks ago have not heard anything yet. My times are similar to both of yours so I am hopeful for an interview. Thanks!
I'm talking about future upgrades. That's coming straight from the horses mouth. If you're so f@2#ing miserable here why don't you just leave. Plenty of people have moved on to better things, you seem to have the time or do you bring that attitude with you everywhere?????????????
commutair interviewee

I got a call from commutair too. What day are you going? I think I'll be there on the 15th. That's what I requested anyway, I guess i'll find out Monday when she calls back.
I got an interview too. I'm on furlough from another airline. Does anyone know if Commutair requires you to resign your seniority? Don't want to do that if they are going to sink.
Bitch, bitch, bitch...

"I've got a job and it sucks... WHAAAAA!!!" That's what I read from Col. Cairo. I hope you understand how much better you have it than a disturbing number of others.

I worked for CommutAir for a year and a half, leaving back in August, and wouldn't you know it? I got furloughed from the "better" job. I left because I was convinced that they were going to be out of business by the end of the year... And now they have recalled everybody, are expanding slightly, and the "better" company I went to just re-furloughed a dozen people they recalled. Yep, that "better" job is no better than CommutAir, that's for sure. Just ask the furloughed pilots at AE and CoEx, and the TERMINATED pilots at CHQ, how much they like their "better" airline. If I had stayed at CommutAir, I would be working there right now, with much better seniority than before the downsizing.

All that aside, I know that CommutAir was the best flying job I will ever have or have had... No union, and strangely enough when reading about how badly you imagine they are treating you, we never NEEDED a union. What makes anyone think a union would have changed anything that happened last July? The union sure didn't do anything for me at the "better" airline I moved to.

What I have seen about the p-o'd people at CommutAir is that they seemed to have a terminally bad attitude about everything, not just the airline. In the 18 months I was there, I never had a run-in with management, with crew scheduling, or anyone for that matter. The only thing that I didn't like about going to work every day was when I had to fly with someone who complained all the time... Someone like Col. Cairo, for instance. I think a lot of the people who are unhappy there are simply airplane snobs, that think they are too good to be flying a 1900. Believe me, there were more than a few of those kinds of people there. If you don't like it, well, go to CoEx and get furloughed. Har har har.

For those that are looking at CommutAir, don't let Colonel Sourpuss turn you off. Aside from the obvious, which is that a job at CommutAir is better than NO job, you WILL find a lot to like there. In no time you will have enough seniority to get off any day you like... No junior-manning... Great pilot group... Most fun-to-fly airplane in the airlines... Fully-paid medical... Very fair training department... I could go on, but I hope you get the idea.

Yeah, they had their problems and they continue to as well, but from what I see and from what my friends there see, things are probably going to continue to improve. I hope they do... Even though I have now moved on to my second "better" job, I still miss it there, and in many ways, wish I'd never left.

For those of you interviewing there... Good luck to you.
What does it mean when you are in a pilot pool?

Are you hired already?

Have they done a background check on you already?

thank you for any response.

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